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Altenew Educator Certification Program: Timeless Floral Layouts

If you have been following my blog the last few months, you know that I am taking a ton of classes at Altenew Academy.  You also know that I am enjoying them immensely and I believe they are transforming my crafting! I recently completed a couple of scrapbook classes.  I completed a class called “Stamps… Read More »

Altenew Educator Certification Program: Level 2 Project

My task for the final project for the Altenew Educator Certification Program for Level 2 is to create a home décor project and a coordinating card.  I was also encouraged to include a video. I had so many ideas of home décor projects that it was really hard to decide which one to choose.  I… Read More »

Altenew Educator Certification Program: Magical Marker Techniques

The final Altenew Academy class that I have taken for the Level 2 Certification Program is called Magical Marker Techniques. Alcohol markers are pretty amazing tools.  You can use them on so many different surfaces.  I’ve experimented with these markers on metals, velum, enamel dots, rhinestones and pearls, window sheets…the list goes on.  You can… Read More »

Altenew Educator Certification Program: Polychromatic

The next class that I have taken at the Altenew Academy is called Polychromatic.  This was another class that presented lessons in several coloring techniques and effects with several lessons using watercoloring or faux watercoloring.  My new favorite technique!!!  I was delighted to get more tools and techniques to add to my creative repertoire! The… Read More »

Altenew Educator Certification Program: Creative Watercolor Media

As you know, I’ve been really enjoying Watercoloring the past few weeks.  I’ve been trying all kinds of techniques and materials to see what results I get. My latest class at Altenew Academy was a class in a Creative Watercolor Media.  I actually had a really hard time deciding which lesson to make my class… Read More »