3 Ways To Use Watercolor Pencils

By | 08/13/2018

My cards today sort of came by accidentally!  I wanted to try out the new Marvy Watercolor Pencils that I got with my Hedgehog Hollow August Kit and I ended up making a video and 2 quick cards.

While I would never hold these cards up as my best card designs, I had a lot of fun playing with these pencils.  I actually enjoyed this little set a lot more than the larger set that I got as a gift for Christmas.  These pencils were creamy and easy to apply using all 3 of these quick and simple techniques that I was playing with.  The other set didn’t go onto the paper as easily and they were much harder to blend and shade.  I also found that the other brand kept snapping if I applied even a little pressure.

Of course all of this makes me want to get the Marvy pencils in all of the colors!!  It’s hard to resist that impulse as a crafter, isn’t it?!

During the course of the day, I played with 3 techniques to add color using watercolor pencils.

Technique 1 involved creating a palette of the colors by coloring them onto a piece of scrap watercolor paper.  From this, I used a water brush to add water and pick up the color I wanted and then essentially painted it onto the image that I had stamped.

Technique 2 involved coloring directly onto the image where I wanted the color the darkest, then using my wet water brush to smooth out the color and pull it into the spaces that I had not added it directly.

Technique 3 is the newest technique and my current favorite.  I used a wet brush and pulled the color from the tip of the pencil to the brush and then painted it onto the image.  Again, this was easy to add the most color where I wanted it then I could water the brush down a little to pull out the color and essentially give my image some shading effects.

Stamping Imperfection 3 Ways To Add Watercolor Pencil colors

You can see that I played around with these a bit.  It was actually a lot of fun!

The stamp set is from a previous Hedgehog Hollow kit with Waffleflower Sweet Ice Cream Stamp Set and Hedgehog Hollow Sweet Sentiments stamp set.  I used the LDRS Creative Hybrid Raven (Black) ink pad that I got from a previous Hedgehog kit to stamp the images.  The hybrid ink can be used for all kinds of mediums, you just want to make sure that it is dry before you start coloring.  I used my heat tool to make sure it was dry.


Stamping Imperfection 3 Ways to add watercolor pencils

Here, you can see the palette that I created and some of the supplies that I used.

I just made a quick card out of the images that I created.  I actually had intended to cut out the little mice and create a scene on the card, but I just wanted to add it to a card base and add a sentiment as dinner time was approaching!

Stamping Imperfection 3 Ways to add watercolor pencils

The sequins are my favorite Studio Katia iridescent sequins.  They go with everything.   Plus, every card should have some sparkle or shine.

As I was editing my video, I realized that I was actually not in the camera view so I ended up creating a second image and therefore a second card.  I was trying to show you 3 techniques!

Stamping Imperfection 3 Ways to add watercolor pencils

These were quick cards to make.  I just attached the watercolor paper to a card base with 3M Foam tape and added a sentiment from the stamp sets.

Here is a quick video of the 3 techniques that I used:

Thank you for stopping by! Happy crafting!

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