7 Kids Craft Store YouTube Design Team: Meet The Creator-Kim Skinner

By | 07/08/2020

During the month of July, the members of the new YouTube Design Team for the 7 Kids Craft Store will be sharing “Meet the Creator” videos on YouTube and the 7 Kids Customers Create! Facebook Group.  The goal is to introduce ourselves and let you get to know us as creators.7 Kids Craft Store YouTube Design Team Meet the Creator



I was asked to answer 5 questions in the video:

  1. What can viewers expect to see on my YouTube channel?
  2.  How do I find time to craft?
  3. What is my crafting superpower?
  4. Tell something personal about myself.
  5. Tell something viewers would be surprised to know about me.

Let me know how I did with this video!  I was the first Design Team member scheduled to post a video, so I’m winging it without seeing what the other DT members are doing!

Here is the video:

Here are links to all the 7 Kids Craft Store sites:

7 Kids Craft Store Shop

7 Kids Craft Store Facebook

7 Kids Customers Create! Facebook Group

7 Kids Craft Store Pinterest

7 Kids Craft Store Instagram

Thank you so much for stopping by!  I would love to hear what you would like to see in future videos!!

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