A New Design Team For A New Chapter!

By | 11/24/2019

I’m really excited to share that I have been selected for the Challenge YOUrself Scrapbooking Design Team for 2020.

I’m retiring from my teaching career after 31 years of teaching science on December 20 and I plan to blog full time.  I’m so looking forward to having time to create videos and to really share my papercrafting ideas with you.

I saw a design team call for the Challenge YOUrself Scrapbooking Design Team and decided to apply.  I was absolutely thrilled to be invited to join this team of incredibly talented and very lovely ladies!

Challenge Yourself Design Team 2020

I absolutely love the idea of this scrap challenge.

I am going to have to scrap pictures that I am actually in!  This will be a true challenge for me since I am always the person taking the pictures and I am never in the pictures.

I took a class with Wendi Vecchi and she said that she has made a real effort to put herself into the photos and scrapbook her story.  That really resonated with me and then I discovered this challenge!

This also seems like perfect timing to join this challenge design team as I start the next chapter in my journey.  This chapter is going to be really well documented!

I’m starting with a December Daily since that will be the last 15 teaching days for my career.  This is a big change…giving up a career that I put my heart and soul into for 31 years.

I’m so ready for the next phase though.  It’s time to step aside and let a younger person have a great career and inspire the next generation of engineers.  I’m extremely proud of what I’ve done over the last 31 years and I can honestly say that I’ve given my students the very best of myself every single day.  I’m proud of the scientists, engineers, science teachers, medical professionals, computer programmers, physicists and that Assistant Professor of Robotics at U Mich!

I’m also very excited to move my little blog and YouTube channel forward and connect with more crafters.  I’ll never stop teaching, but I can’t wait to put my energy into this full time.

I’m also very excited to add the Challenge YOUrself Scrapbook DT to my 2020 agenda!   I’m really looking forward to doing more scrapbooking, using my Cricut for more DIY projects, and creating some real papercrafting and DIY classes for everyone.

My first class of 2020 is going to be a technique-a-week class that will be FREE!  I am very excited to share some of the recent techniques that I’ve been learning and perfecting along with some oldies-but-goodies!Challenge Yourself Design Team 2020

I’ve been busy setting some new goals for myself and for my blog.  I have so many ideas that I’ve filled several notebooks!  I’ve also been taking classes to enhance my skills and to keep up-to-date on the latest products and techniques.

I have so much to share with you in the coming year!

Thank you for stopping by and in case I haven’t shared the numbers:

My retirement countdown is: 25 calendar days and 17 work days… but who’s counting?!


2 thoughts on “A New Design Team For A New Chapter!

  1. Anita Cripps

    Congratulations Kim!

    I am behind in reading your posts with the holidays approaching but I am so happy that you were chosen for this design team. Enjoy your last few weeks of teaching and look forward to this next chapter! Happy holidays to you and your family.


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