Can This Card Be Saved?

By | 07/15/2014

Can this card be saved?  I’m thinking…no.

I was attempting to make  a single layer card using the new hearts decorative mask (otherwise known as a stencil).

I found a card recipe that sounded so simple in Card Maker Magazine that used a stencil with 3 colors and then they stamped a sentiment.

Here is the “salvaged” version: (My paltry attempt to save the card!)

Stamping Imperfection can this card be saved?

I used the button and baker’s twine to fix it up.  Yep…this is the fixed up one!  (Baker’s Twine is my crafting equivalent to Duct Tape…I’m always hopeful it will fix everything!)

The card recipe called for stenciling the yellow, shifting the stencil slightly, stenciling the red and then moving it and stenciling the last color, orange.

You know what I’m wishing that I’d done? (Besides “filing” it?!)

I’m wishing that I hadn’t moved the stencil.  I like the stencil and it’s easy to line it up so you have just the right amount of hearts stenciled.  Had I left it in place and then stenciled a few hearts in each color without moving the stencil, I think that I would have liked it better.

I carefully selected the colors using the color coach.  This combination of Hello Honey, Calypso Coral and Blushing Bride can be found on the Hello Honey card.  I’m not sure that I love this color combination.


Anyway…here is the video and I hope it makes you laugh!!!

I have to make fun of myself at times!!!  Please leave suggestions (serious or otherwise!) about what you think might actually be done to save this card.

I’ll try some of the suggestions and see what we come up with in our redesign.  (The craziest suggestion…I’ll mail you this card as is!)


So…can this card be saved?  It’s up to you!

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