Create A Faux Aged Wood Sign For Inspiration

By | 09/11/2016

Are you a Pinterest enthusiast who also enjoys a good diy project?

I love looking at the humor and inspirational sayings that you find all over the internet.  One of my favorites is the picture of the sign that says, “If you are waiting for a sign, this is it!”

I’ve often thought that I should print it out on nice paper and frame it.  Today I felt inspired just to go ahead and make a sign to sit on my desk.

Stamping Imperfection Faux Wood Sign

This board is the back piece of a picture frame.  The frame and the glass were damaged, yet I decided to save the back piece.  Why?  Who knows!  It’s just one of those things stacked up with those other random things under my craft desk!


Well…today, I used it!

I gave the “wood” an aged look with some old ink pads.  The “wood” looks like a thin piece of MDF or some kind of fiber board.  It was that yellowish color of MDF or newer looking wood.

I used an old Soft Suede ink pad and just dragged it across the board to cover it in a darker color.  I took an old Early Espresso and gently dragged it in a few places and along the edges to give it some depth.  When those colors dried, I used a white pigment ink pad to lightly drag across in two or three spots just to see what that looked like.


Then I stamped my inspirational quote in a variety of alphabet stamp sets using my white craft ink pad and a white chalk marker to fill in and smooth out the letters. You can see from the picture that I used a variety of stamp sets to get different fonts and font sizes to add interest to my project.

When this is completely dry, I will spray it with a clear fixative to set it and protect it from damage.

Stamping Imperfection Faux Wood Sign

I have to admit that I was wishing that I had an alphabet stamp that was a script font…I’ll add that to my wish list!  I did use only photopolymer sets just because it is so easy to line them up without a lot of fuss because you can see through them!

I’ve created a video to show you what I did…it’s lengthy, I repeated myself a few times (I really love alphabet stamp sets!), and I did cut out a lot so I could just show you the basics for how I created this.

I hope you feel inspired to experiment with your stash and create something that will inspire you every time you look at it!


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