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You can create amazing projects on My Digital Studio!!!

What is My Digital Studio (MDS)?

It is a software program that allows you to build cards, scrapbooks, journals, newsletters, framed art for your wall, postcards…and more!

MDS is an easy-to-use design software that is compatible with PC and Mac operating systems. It allows designers of all skill levels to create their own digital projects or use hundreds of templates to make professionally designed cards, photobooks, calendars, and more.

MDS does this too, but it doesn’t stop at layout designs!  They have background papers, punches, brushes, stamp sets…you name it, they’ve got it. The beautiful touches you can add to your pages will astound you!  You can then print your projects at home or you can use the Stampin’ Up!  printing services.

Realize these are Stampin’ Up! online orders and if you order through my online store, all hostess benefits and my rewards programs will apply!  You purchase the basic software which comes with a tremendous amount of content to add to your art.  You can then purchase add-on downloads as they add more content. Some of the prices start at less than $1!!!!!  All of this coordinates with the products they have in the catalog, so you can combine digital elements with your hand stamped elements for what they call a “hybrid” project.  I prefer to just refer to it as AMAZING!  Just one more dimension and tool to add to my paper crafting projects!!!

I’ve included some of mine below. I will keep adding as I keep creating.

What do I really love about it?

I love that it is a digital download.  I don’t have to keep track of the discs.  Stampin’ Up! keeps my digital downloads that I paid for in my account.  If (Please, God, don’t let this happen!), my computer freaks out and I have to re-install software, I don’t have to search for the discs.  I can just go back to my account and download them again.  Just keep the product key they sent you to activate it, although, I bet they could resend that as well.

Stampin’ Up! just announced that they will be offering the option to purchase this in disc form if you prefer that.

I also love that there is more to this than making digital scrapbooks…which are beautiful, but I’m a paper and ink gal myself.  I’m just starting, but you can check out my first attempts below!  I haven’t done a single fancy thing yet!!!  This software is intuitive and easy to use!

You can download MDS 2 for a free 30 day trial period. You can create scrapbooks, posters, cards, postcards, journals…the list goes on. You can print them at home or use Stampin’ Up!’s printing services.

My first MDS project!

I created a journal. The inside has 80 lined pages along with a chocolate chip polka dot beginning page and end page.  It looks like a real journal that you’d purchase in a store. This one will be given to my daughter for Christmas!

Inspirational Poster

I plan to either frame this poster for my art studio(Okay, the craft space in my basement!) or I will slide it into a clear cover on a 3-ring binder.  I love how quick these projects are!

DVD Cover
Embellishment Storage

I’m decorating some DVD cases to store embellishments like rhinestones and pearls!  I will do a blog on this soon!

My projects:

Find more samples like this on My Digital Studio

Ready to buy or try MDS 2?  There are a ton of templates that you can add to your template library to increase the digital tools you have to create with!

Check it out here!



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Features & Benefits:  Why bother?

Exclusive Stampin’ Up! Content

  • Stampin’ Up! artwork and accessories available in a digital format.
  • Stampin’ Up! colors allow for perfect coordination when embellishing professional print projects with traditional embellishments. Add depth and dimension when you combine digital with handcrafted elements.
  • With My Digital Studio, your favorite images and colors do not retire—you can keep using them for years to come!
  • Click here for a list of all Digital content included with your boxed version of My Digital Studio software.

Software & Content Options

  • My Digital Studio includes nearly 2,000 unique elements—stamps, embellishments, designer and photo templates, punches, Designer Series papers, card stock, and more.
  • Intuitive functionality for easy navigation and project creation.
  • Automatic photo fill for effortless design.
  • Boxed software comes on two DVDs, making installation quick and simple.
  • PC and Mac compatible.
  • Training and quick start materials available to help you learn more.
  • My Digital Studio can be used as a design tool, allowing you to create projects digitally before crafting them with paper.
  • My Digital Studio boxed software is competitively priced at $79.95.

Digital Downloads

  • Download new stamp brush sets, embellishments, kits, punches, Designer Series Paper and templates to My Digital Studio on a regular basis.
  • Digital downloads are compatible with other design programs.
  • Digital downloads feature exclusive Stampin’ Up! artwork and colors.
  • Many embellishments are true to size, making it easier to combine digital projects with paper crafting.
  • Download the End User License Agreement for Stampin’ Up! Digital Content.


  • Professional print service integrated in software, allowing you to order photo albums, calendars, cards, and individual pages.
  • Stampin’ Up!’s professional print services ensure that printed colors match with our traditional products. Because personal printers and other print services use different settings, their prints may not match Stampin’ Up!’s exclusive colors.
  • Don’t limit yourself to print projects! You can also create digital projects like DVDs, interactive albums, and e-cards.
  • With My Digital Studio, you can print your projects from your home printer. (Depending on your printer’s settings, printed colors may not match Stampin’ Up!’s exclusive colors.)
  • Stampin’ Up!’s professional print services use only the highest quality products— papers and sewn-reinforced album covers (linen, leather, and photo covers).

Here is a 3×3″ Gift Card I made with MDS!

daring ad mds tag

I created a 3×3″ gift card using My Digital Studio (MDS).

THE HOW TO:  After opening MDS on your computer, you need to select  new project.  I chose to make a  3×3 tag.  I simply clicked the background paper tab and selected the Designer Series Paper Sun Garden 1.  I then selected the Stamp category, clicked on the stamp icon and selected the Daring Adventure set.  This gives me access to all of the images in this stamp set (which I do not own…I merely purchased the brush set for this stamp set).  I love this saying, but did not want to purchase the entire set to get one stamp I loved.  This is the way to do that!!!  I applied the image and resized it.  Very easy.  Save your project and print it.  You can share your project and export it to a jpeg file or a png file and it will save it in your pictures folder on your computer.

This is what my project looked like before I printed it out:


I’m always amazed when I print it out on card stock. It looks like I stamped the image!  Amazing!   I printed this on Whisper White Card stock and then trimmed it down.  I added a piece of Peach Parfait 1/2 Inch Stitched-Poly Ribbon.   I used stamping dimensionals to attach this to a piece of Always Artichoke cut 3-1/2 x 7″ and scored at 3-1/2″.

Super simple!  Imagine how fast it would be to create 6 of these, tuck them in a pretty gift bag!  What a simple and quick gift you could create with this!

2 thoughts on “My Digital Studio

  1. Kathy

    Hello, I’m looking for some documentation on how to organize newly purchased SU digital content on my hard drive to use with MDS.  If you know of any reference material, I would really appreciate a reply.  Thanks so much!

    1. kim Post author

      I seem to recall seeing a list of all the possible files and downloads somewhere a while ago. I will check with a demonstrator friend who is an expert on MDS and see what her advice is. I will get back to you on this question!


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