Patterned Paper Challenge: 8 Cards

By | 07/24/2021

I finally had time to sit down and finish the last 8 cards for Kendra’s Card Challenge!  In early July, I created a video to share the cutting templates and first 8 cards that I created from half of the card sketches.

Today I am sharing the last 8 cards with the final 8 sketches.

Kendra's Card Challenge for Patterned Paper

These are cards 1-4.  Sketch 1 and 2 called for using any shape.  The sketch showed circles, but I used square just to keep it simple!

To keep the card making simpler I did a few things:

  • Used minimal colored cardstock mats.
  • Used beautiful sentiments without any other images.
  • When I used images, they are small and colored simply.
  • I did not spend a lot of time coloring!  I used one or two colors and didn’t work to blend them or fill in the entire image.
  • I worked in stages.  First I did all the paper cutting for the card bases and patterned paper.  Then I attached the patterned papers to the card bases.  My final step included cutting down my white and colored cardstock scraps to use for sentiments or simple images.
  • I added no embellishments.

Kendra's Card Challenge 3: Use your patterned paper

For card sketches 5-8, I flipped sketches 5 and 7 and made them vertical because my heart papers were directional.  I didn’t want the hearts to be sideways!  I also did not use the pennants in sketch 8.  I continued to turn circles into squares as well.

I believe the simple sentiments and the simple, graphic images that I colored simply allow that patterned paper to shine.  It’s very whimsical paper, so the style of coloring and keeping the stamping minimal works with the style of paper.

Kendra's Card Challenge 3: Use your patterned paper

Sketches 9-12 are shown in the photo above.  Sketch 9 was flipped to create a horizontal card, again due to using directional paper.  I also turned the pennant shapes on the sketch to plain rectangles on my card.  For sketch 12 I used a square instead of a circle and didn’t create the banners. Instead I did a simple sentiment and image with easy coloring.


Kendra's Card Challenge 3: Use your patterned paper

I shared cards 13-16 in early July. For card 13, I eliminated the banners.  The other sketches I used as they were shown.

I like to use card sketches for inspiration, but I generally change a few details, shapes, or orientation to make the cards work for the papers and stamps I’m using.  I also want them to feel like my creations and I want to include some of my own design elements in them as well.


Links to the challenge:

Kendra’s Paper Cutting Video

Find all the rules and prize information at Cards by Kendra.

Thank you for stopping by!  I hope you enjoy the video!

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