Question Of The Day: Punches Vs. Dies And Framelits

By | 02/15/2014

Question of the day:  Punches versus die cuts and framelits!


One important thing that I learned early in my teaching career is that if a student asks a question, that student is not the only person in the room with that question.  If one person is asking, many people are wondering.

I was asked a great question yesterday and I thought that I’d share my response.  I get asked versions of this question  quite often.  I’ve also been talking about creating my first podcast, so I’m combining my two goals today!  I created a podcast to answer the question!

create great layers with framelits

Here is the question:

“You always say that you love your punches but as a beginner stamper slowly adding supplies would you say it is better to buy circle punches of various sizes or dies for a machine (I have the cuttlebug). I feel the punches are quick and easy to use but the dies more cost effective. Would love your take on this.”  (Anita…thank you for this question!  Your questions and thoughtful comments are truly appreciated!)


Here is my podcast answer!  (You should just be able to click play and make sure your volume is on!)

Thank you so much for visiting!

Please leave a comment and let me know how you liked the Podcast format!  Also…please leave your questions or email your questions to me at!

I will do more Question of the Day Podcasts in the future!


***Just in case you are unable to play my response (which is a pity, because it’s not a bad first try in podcasting!  You get the “real me”!!), here are my “show notes”.

That’s a tough one. Honestly, I tend to reach for my punches first and then the dies or framelits. I think there are 3 reasons for that: 1. The punches are right next to my knee and easy to reach for and they really are quick to use. 2. I bought them first and it’s just a habit. 3. The punches tend to cut smaller areas and fit around more sentiments. The framelits seem to be larger.

With that said…what I love is being able to layer my sentiment onto a mat and I can do that with either the punches or the dies. I don’t think you can go wrong either way. I think that if you have the machine (the cuttlebug, the big shot or any other one on the market), that was the big investment. You can get sets of framelits or dies that you can use to layer. The dies are more cost effective and quite frankly, they store in a smaller space. I definitely think that once you make the investment in any die cutter, it’s worth adding to your supplies of dies and framelits to use with it. Dedicate some counter space in your craft area and get your money’s worth by using it!

The one other draw that keeps me buying punches…when there is a stamp set that I love with a coordinating punch. I must have it! What can I say? I’m a sucker for a great coordinating bundle!


It would be very helpful for me to know if you were able to listen to this or not.  I need to figure out whether there is a problem with the audio player on my end or on your end!


10 thoughts on “Question Of The Day: Punches Vs. Dies And Framelits

  1. Caroline

    pity I cannot play this message so I have no idea what is better. Hope you can give me the answer on another way. Thanks. Caroline

    1. kim Post author

      Thank you so much for your comment! This is valuable feedback. I should have thought to include my “Show Notes” just in case that happened. Now I have to figure out if it is a video player problem on my end! I really appreciate your help! I’ve added my response to the blog post and I will also make sure to do that in the future!

  2. Carol in Minnesota

    It played just fine for me. (It was a nice touch to have the script synopsis there also. Didn’t happen this time, but most of the time I am surfing sites like yours later in the evening and hesitate to play any audio so as not to wake anyone else in the house. Therefore, reading what is in the video is so helpful.)

  3. Cassandra Harris

    I could hear it ok. It cut off an restarted twice but overall it was good.  Thanks for your input as I am contemplating buying a big shot.

    1. kim Post author

      Thank you for the feedback! I have to say, I’ve never regretted buying my big shot!

  4. Anita

    This was a surprise to see my question answered on your podcast. I enjoyed your sharing. I did have trouble with the podcast. It kept stopping. I tried on both a laptop and an iPad. Besides the technical difficulty I enjoyed listening. Keep it up. Great job!

    1. kim Post author

      It was a great question!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Maria Delgadillo

    Thanks for the info. it is a hard choose  between the two. love both framelits and punches….(*_*)


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