Stencil Technique: Dry Brush Glaze Background Technique

By | 07/20/2020

Have you tried pastes and glazes yet?  It’s one fun new mediums that have become trendy these days.  If you are like me, you have a few from several different companies.  You have glazes, pastes, glimmer pastes, mousses, glitter glazes, gessos, modeling paste, embossing pastes…am I right?

The truth is that they all work about the same and you can do so much with them besides just swiping them across the page or through a stencil with a palette knife.

There are several wet techniques you can do with them as well.  Today, I played with a dry brush technique.

dry brush stencil technique

I used a stencil from Kindred Stamps that I have had for a while.  I have no idea what the name is because it is not on the stencil or the package insert.  But I love the bubbles that it creates!

I used a palette knife to put a small amount of Vicki Boutin’s Prism Glaze on a plastic palette.  Then I used a big stencil brush and picked up some of the paste directly on to the brush and brushed it across the stencil in a circular motion.  I did mask of part of the stencil since I’m using this week’s Atlantic Hearts Sketch to create my layout.  In the picture above you can see how shiny and iridescent the prism glaze is.  I love this.

This is a soft and flexible paste.  When it dries you can bend the paper and it won’t crack or flake off.  The very first paste I ever used was from Stampin’ Up! years ago and it was very thick and not at all flexible.  I’m picky about how the paper behaves and how the paste dries.  I will want to send this in the mail and I don’t want it to be a mess when the recipient opens it.

I chose to dry brush this on so it would dry quickly and it uses so much less paste this way as well.

dry brush stencil technique

I used Catherine Poolers Rockin’ Red, Suede Shoes, and Sauna inks to create a rainbow effect on the fish.  This is the Fly Daddy Stamp Set from Catherine Pooler.  Of course I had to get this fishing set!!!

I did consider using some blues that matched the glaze, but I was in the mood for rainbow fish and water comes in all shades of blue and blue green around here, so I just went with it!

Here is the sketch that I started with:

dry brush stencil technique

I love this sketch…you can see why I wanted the rainbow fish!  I know that it would be natural to do a striped stencil or paper strips for that background.  I even have striped stamps and there is always Washi tape, but I wanted to show you a way to use your pastes and glazes in a different way.  You don’t always need the entire stencil!

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Thank you for dropping by today!  I would love for you to leave a comment and let me know what brand of paste or glaze is your favorite!

Have a great day!

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