Virtual Club-1

Welcome to your first Virtual Club Class!!!

Examples of Projects in the Virtual Club Classes

In this class you will be creating two cards, a perpetual calendar and a pocket to hold your perpetual calendar pages!

You can download the Perpetual Calendar Template here:

perpetual calendar

Perpetual Calendar Directions PDF

You will need to print your perpetual calendar.  There are 13 pages, one for each month plus one extra with no month label at the top (in case you want to decorate the month font on your own!).  I put 13 sheets of Very Vanilla card stock in my printer and printed the calendar out.  You can use regular copy paper if you like, or any color that you like!

Videos to follow:

Here is the video for creating the perpetual calendar pages:

Here is the video to create the pocket to hold your calendar pages:

Here is the video to create you cards for the month:


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