When Exactly Does Practice Make Perfect With Alcohol Marker Coloring?

By | 05/10/2020

I bought this adorable digi image from Lee Holland Art on Etsy quite a while ago.  I’ve been taking classes and learning different techniques and today I was finally brave enough to print it out and color it in.  And now, in a real act of courage, I’m sharing my efforts with you!mouse rose from lee holand art with alcohol markers

How cute is this image?  The Digi actually included the mouse and the rose, I added the grass, sky, and let’s call those clouds.

I packed my Copics up yesterday to take back home with me so I had only my Altenew markers.  I really like these markers for coloring florals.  I prefer my Copics for cute critters and backgrounds because I have more color choices.

I was attempting to make him look fluffy, but I think he looks a little raggedy!

I’m a work in progress.  I’ll print him out again in a couple of months and give him another try.

While it isn’t the perfection of the colorful images you see on the Facebook Digi sites, it is still a piece I’m happy with.  I did him completely without any instruction and it was so relaxing.

I have not enjoyed this Mother’s Day.  My kids are states away and I haven’t seen them since Christmas.  My Mom and both kids all see stressed by the circumstances we all find ourselves in and I can’t do anything about it except call and listen.  You are no doubt in the same boat.

I decided to do a little alcohol marker coloring practice and I had this little guy I wanted to try.  He makes me happy.

I hope he makes you smile or chuckle.

The Digi is called Mouse Rose and it is from Lee Holland Art on Etsy.  (This is not an affiliate link.  This is where I purchased it.  I’ve purchased multiple images from this site and I’ve had a good experience doing so.  I have no ties to them, other than I really love their digi’s.)

The beauty of purchasing a Digi image is that you can save it on your computer and keep printing it out on card stock and practicing with it.  They tend to be just 3 bucks or so and I love that I can print it out and give it a try multiple times.

I do tend to always purchase multiple images when I purchase Digi’s because they are so inexpensive and easy to store.  I do print them out on card stock with my ink jet printer and I usually resize the image and use Word to print it out.

I am still wondering when I will color and image and think, “WOW!  That’s perfect!”

I wonder if anyone ever feels that way about their own work!

Thank you for stopping by.  I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day.  If you are somewhere with gloomy weather, I can tell you that not even Florida was sunny today and this is PARADISE!  It’s always sunny in Florida, but not today!  So you are not alone in the gloomy weather. (Although, if you had snow…we had temps in the 80’s. It’s paradise!  What can I say?)

Enjoy your day!

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