Who’s Your Favorite Cool Kid?

By | 02/20/2014

Who’s your favorite Cool Kid?  You should make that kid a card and let them know!  Stamping Imperfection Cool Kid

It’s so easy to make cards for little girls and women.  We have such limited choices for stamp sets to make for little boys and men.  (It’s the same thing when you’re shopping for clothes and shoes:  5000 racks of little girl clothes and 2 racks for little boys.  Have you ever been to a DSW?  We had one open here.  It’s Designer Shoe Warehouse, and a warehouse it is!  Yet, there is a row of shoes for boys and men and countless rows of shoes for girls and women.  Of course, in defense of DSW, my daughter and I go in and actually buy shoes more than once a year.  My husband and son buy one pair of shoes and wear them until they have holes in them.)


And that long windy story…it’s why I love this stamp set!  I like that it’s not a sport or a truck theme.  It’s a superhero theme!  (Honestly, those 3 themes are also the little boy clothing theme choices as well.  Both racks.)

Knowing that my son doesn’t read this, I will tell you that I loved the days when he wore his superhero costumes around.  Halloween costumes got the most use of any toys that our kids had.  Both of my kids loved to dress up in the costumes and just play all day.  This Cool Kid stamp set reminds me of those days!


This stamp set coordinates wonderfully with the Kaleidoscope Designer Series Paper.  They are graphic and geometric.  The colors are bright without being feminine.

Card Recipe:


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This card was created using this week’s Paper Craft Crew Sketch.   I wasn’t sure how I would like the word bubble at the top, but once I decided on the cloud bubble, I really liked the sketch!  You could add an oval or circle there as well!

stamping imperfection paper craft crew sketch 81

Make your favorite Cool Kid a card and let them know what they mean to you!

4 thoughts on “Who’s Your Favorite Cool Kid?

  1. Denise

    I like the way you made this card. It is fun but clean. My kids also dressed up, all the time,till the costumes were thread bare! Thanks for the great card!

    1. kim Post author

      Thank you Denise! I have to say that I save the costumes even though they are so worn. I just couldn’t part with them!

  2. Joanne James

    Love your card Kim – really clean and great use of the Kaleidoscope paper. I too think this is a great stamp set – I have an 8 year old daughter and 6 year old son, and there are so fewer options for boys! I went with a boy card for the challenge too – my son is in a class at school with 21 boys and 1 girl, so young boy cards are much in demand!

    1. kim Post author

      Thank you so much for stopping by Joanne! I have to say, as a teacher, I can’t imagine what a room with 21 six year old boys is like!!!!!


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