With Gratitude For Altenew

By | 08/25/2018

I’m still playing with those Altenew watercolors!  My watercolor paints actually look like I’ve had them for months instead of a couple of weeks.  They are loved!

I am really feeling the fall cards right now.  I know that summer still has a month to go, but school starts in a week and that puts me in the mood for fall cards.

I pulled out one of Altenew’s fall stamp sets to play with the technique I was playing with yesterday.  This involved adding paint straight from the pan to the stamp and using it like ink.  I was working to perfect my execution of this technique.

I discovered that you don’t want very much water at all.  You want the paint to be creamy, but not watery.  You also just want to stamp it down and lift it up and you want to be careful to get paint only on the raised details of the stamp, not in the crevices.

Stamping Imperfection Altenew Watercolors

I did not make any effort to line up the outline stamp on top of the stamped image.  I really wanted it to look like the color on the leaves was very random.

I love the geometric nature of these leaves.  It’s so different.  The stamp actually has 2 inner parts and the outline for each size leaf.  It’s quite nice as designed, but it was fun to play with this in a way that it wasn’t intended to be used.  I like experimenting with techniques and getting a different look with a set of stamps.  It stretches your stamping budget.

I actually masked off the edges so that I got a border around the side and the bottom where I added the light wash around the leaves.  I added a black splatter as well.  That is another one of those techniques that I’m enjoying.  It’s fun to see what I have to do to vary the drop sizes each time.  That is how I learn.  Practice and experiment!

I left quite a bit of white space on this card and I love that this is another single layer card design.  It’s a clean and simple card with watercolors and a fun technique or two!



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