Altenew Educator Certification Program: Masking Unleashed

By | 03/08/2018

My latest Altenew Academy class was called “Masking Unleashed”.  I’ve done masking techniques before, but I had no idea the variety of products available to use for masking projects.

I’ve created masks to cover images and layer stamps together to add dimension to my scene.  I’ve also used masks to allow me to ink blend in one area of the card while leaving the rest blank.

I’ve never used masking liquid before!  I also did not know that I could purchase masking sheets, post-it notes that are completely sticky on the back and masking tape.  This has opened a whole new world of possibilities for masking and getting really creative with projects!

Of course I ordered the masking liquid right away and it finally arrived yesterday.  As soon as I saw the final lesson of the class and the instructor introduced this Liquid Frisket product and showed two beautiful samples that she created with it, I knew that I wanted to use this with Altenew’s Peony Spray stamp set.  This is one single peony flower and stem with a good number of fabulous sentiments.  This is one of the first Altenew stamp and die sets that I purchased (After the Vintage Rose set, of course!).  I absolutely LOVE the sentiment “Bloom With Joy”!!

The instructor used a more graphic flower and leaf set and made a background with the stamped images.  The stamped images were covered with the liquid masking fluid and then she used ink blending and watercoloring to create backgrounds.  Once it was all dry, she removed the masking material and the images remained as the stamped outline images.  I really loved the look of this with the artsy graphic stamp design that she used, but the Peony really stands out to me as the one I wanted to try first!

I am also craving sunshine and color since this has been the gloomiest winter I can ever remember, so you will see that I used a second masking technique with the new post-it tape I got to mask off the top and bottom of the card.  I wanted a rainbow in the center of the card.

Stamping Imperfection Masking Unleashed

I actually created two of these panels.  I wanted to see one on a black card base and one on a white card base.  This one is definitely my favorite.  I love the black around the edge here.  It really makes the colors and the outlined image pop off the card more.

I used 3 of Altenew’s inks to blend together to give me the rainbow of color that I was craving.  I used Coral Berry, Warm Sunshine, and Ocean Waves.  I LOVE how beautifully the Altenew inks blend using the Tim Holtz blending tools.  They just flow onto the card and blend together seamlessly.  It’s not work to get them to blend.  I just love these inks and the colors…they are gorgeous.

The sentiment is heat embossed in white embossing powder and the embellishments are from Doodlebug Designs.  This is the Lily White glitter assortment of enamel dots.  They **sparkle**!

Stamping Imperfection Masking Unleashed

This is the card without the black base and I almost think this feels a bit more clean and simple than the one with the black frame.

Before I removed the masking tape and the masking liquid, I spritzed the ink blending with my distress sprayer.  I love the effect that gives and I find that the Altenew inks react nicely with water.  It gives a little spotted effect that adds a little texture to that background and I quite like the way it comes out.

You can see more of the ocean wave blue color on this card.  It really is a pretty color, isn’t it?

Bloom with joy is such a beautiful sentiment.  I think this card will make someone really happy when they open it.  The mood of this card is most definitely happiness and joy!

I will most certainly be playing with the liquid masking material some more. I have a few kinks to work out.  I actually tried this three times before getting a result I liked enough to share.

I discovered that your stamped image has to be DRY.  Patience is not one of my virtues when crafting.   I can have 26 teenagers in a room together and remain completely patient, but ask me to wait a little while for ink to dry…no patience!  It’s too exciting to move on to the next step!

I found that it was better to remove the masking liquid with my finger rather than the adhesive remover tool that came with the kit.  That actually took a little of the paper off along with the mask.

Also, the instructor said to use a cheap brush that you use only for this technique.  I think that I want a better cheap brush that has a flat edge to allow me to get just up to the stamped outline and not go over the line.  I think that will be easier to get cleaner edges on my image.

All in all, for a first try at using this material, I am happy with the outcome.  I can tell you that it will be no hardship to practice it more!

Thank you for stopping by!  Happy crafting and remember to embrace the imperfections…especially if you are trying something new!Altenew Academy

2 thoughts on “Altenew Educator Certification Program: Masking Unleashed

  1. Virginia L.

    Happy to know that you enjoy this masking process! The background is gorgeous against the black and white image! Nicely done, Kim!

    1. kim Post author

      Thank you, Virginia! This is one of those products that I did not know about until taking this class. I will definitely use it more!


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