Copic Coloring: Sepia

By | 11/13/2018

If you’ve been following along, you know that I’ve been taking a Copic Coloring class at  Today’s lesson was on sepia coloring.

All browns.  It was interesting to see how she was shading things and getting one part to look different than another.

Here is my meager attempt:

stamping imperfection sepia coloring

So lesson 1 for me is that paper matters.

I printed the images on to Stampin’ Up! Whisper White cardstock and it is not heavy enough.

You can see that I’ve got some bleeding above the hats and along the boys sweater.

All in all, besides the seeping colors, I’m pretty happy with it for my first attempt.

I’m truly new to Copic coloring and I’ve taken 3 short tutorials from 3 different instructors and they all have different techniques.  My plan is to try as many techniques from different instructors as I can and take a little of this and a little of that to develop my own style.

It’s really about finding what works for you.  What are you comfortable with in the creative process?  That’s the question I find that I ask myself as I learn, practice and create.

I’m not sure that I love the dot background technique Mindy uses, but it’s different than what a lot of other people do and it gives a fun sparkle effect.

I think my hair is better today than yesterday and I’m happy with the sweaters and the skin.  I find darker skin tones so much easier to color.  On my own, I gravitate to coloring darker skin tones, so it is good practice for me to try lighter ones.  I find them more challenging.

And I notice that nobody ever colors in age spots and gray hair.

Just sayin’.

Anyway…this was fun and relaxing.

Considering that my day was 12 hours long from driving out the driveway to driving back in…in the dark both ways, it was really nice to sit down and just color and follow someone else’s instructions.

If you are interested in taking some classes you can check out Mindy Baxter at or

Both of them have free Copic coloring classes with excellent instruction.  I did do those first and then I purchased a class from each site.  (It seemed only fair if I was going to take the free classes which were incredibly informative that I should also purchase something!)

I can justify almost anything crafty!

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you’re not judging my first attempts at the alcohol marker coloring too harshly.  I’m bravely sharing them so you can see where I’m starting from.

One of these days you will be impressed with where I am!

Happy day!

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