Create Your Own Background With Copic Markers and 7 Kids Crafts Tree House Faeries

By | 09/22/2020

I get a lot of questions about the backgrounds that I create when I use a digital image.  Most of the time, you don’t get a background included with a digital image, so you can create one or just use the image as you would any stamped image.Create Your Own Background with Copic Markers

I really enjoy making my own scene backgrounds.  I’ve been taking Copic classes for at least 2 years and they always teach us how to create a background.  After a new class each month, you start to get an idea of how you can create your own background for your images.  I will link the class site at the end of this blog post for the classes that I take.  I love them!

Today, I created a video to show you how I made a fall colored tree and some grass below a faery on a swing!

Create your own background with copics and the 7 kids crafts tree house faeries

How cute is this sweet faery?!

There is a nice branch stamp, a pretty leaf stamp and a grass stamp in this stamp set.  I just couldn’t get the branch turned the way I wanted it to work on my card for some reason.  I was having a day!  I decided to just draw in my own tree and add some grass to complete the card.

Create your own background with copics and the 7 kids crafts tree house faeries


You can see that I kept this very simple!  I created the tree, added some leaves, a plain sky background, and then added some grass.  I added the sentiment and some falling leaves just for fun!

Create your own background with copics and the 7 kids crafts tree house faeries

What I love about creating my own backgrounds is that this was a plain white piece of paper an hour before I started my project.  This is a single layer card. I didn’t have to die cut or do any special techniques.  I love taking a piece of paper and some markers and creating a colorful scene on the card!

Here is the video tutorial for how to create the tree and grass:

Here is the PDF that you can print or save on your computer with the COPIC COLOR COMBINATIONS: Stamping Imperfection Tree House Faeries Create Your Own Tree

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The Tree House Faery Stamp Set was given to me by the 7 Kids Craft Store, all other supplies were personally purchased:

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