Creating A 2020 Word Of The Year Journey Album

By | 01/03/2020

How many times have you started a new year with a new journal or calendar only to abandon it before the end of the first month?

Too many times to count for me.

This year I committed by signing up for a class with Ali Edwards and her One Little Word® class.  Each month I will get a video, a PDF, and lots of inspiring writing prompts to keep the word I selected visible and in front of me.  I purchased the kit and the class when it was on sale around the holiday sales.  You don’t need the kit, you can use your stash…heaven knows we all have enough in our stash to do any project multiple times.  I figured that I was just going all in and it was on sale.  I justified it that way.

I received an encouraging pre-class with a supply list and a very inspiring what is it all about, what can I expect, what should I be doing letter.

I liked it.  The concept is wonderful.  I love the idea of choosing a word to help you focus on your goals or dreams for the year.  I also like the idea of getting an inspiring email once a week and an actual video of ideas and prompts to keep me motivated through the dry spells that will no doubt come on throughout the coming year.

Yesterday, I did the first class.  I printed the printables and got all my supplies together in one spot.  I’m using a Totally Tiffany stamp-n-go bag and tray to keep it all together.  No excuses!  I’ve got my One Little Word go bag all set with the supplies I need to sit down and just do it!

At the end of the year, I will have an album of memories and a diary of what inspired me or held me back throughout this year.

Let me share what I accomplished!

Word of the Year Janurary Album Kim Skinner

The kit came with 12 tabbed acetate dividers.  I chose to use the Concord & 9th calendar set cover page to create the album introduction.  I used my Altenew Alcohol Markers and had some fun coloring the floral image and the frame of the calendar.  I added one of the die cut quotes and stamped a sentiment that actually used my word “journey” at the top to keep my word visible.  The stamp was from the Ali Edwards set.  I can’t remember whether it came with the main kit or it was an add on.  Quite a bit came with the main kit.  I only added a couple of extras.

Trying to stick to a crafting budget here!

Word of the Year Janurary Album Kim Skinner

I really enjoy using the alcohol markers to color images and I feel like I improve all the time.  Practice, practice, practice.  One of my accomplishments in 2019 and I will keep practicing in 2020.  I find it meditative to actually color with markers and watercolors.

Word of the Year Janurary Album Kim Skinner

Of course I got the stamp set because it had MY word!  I love that they are hand written.  I love the imperfection of handwriting.  (As long as I can read it!)

The next two pages used prompt cards that were downloadable with the class.

Word of the Year Janurary Album Kim Skinner

I’m using pages that I had left from the Project Life Stampin’ Up! debacle.  I also had an album in my stash so I feel good that I’m using up supplies to accomplish this journey.

On the first page you can see that we wrote our word to keep it visible, then we gave a reason why we chose this word. I had several reasons.  Then we actually defined the word.

The upper right corner has an acetate “Jan” page.  I’m going to put a pretty paper behind it so it shows up better.  That came with the kit as well.  So did the chipboard pieces that I used.

Word of the Year Janurary Album Kim Skinner

I liked these prompts quite a bit.  They were thought provoking and I think that is the point of selecting a Word of the Year.  One word can be really powerful when you focus on it and find ways to use it in your life.  You develop a relationship with that word!

The first thing I was prompted to do was to do was to find quotes using my word.  I didn’t need to find them because the first quote has been a guiding quote of my life since I was in high school.  Journey has always been an important word for me.  It finds me when I’m at a turning point in my life without fail.  Every time.

Then we were prompted to think about what we expect to get from this word this year.  What do we want to let go of and what are we looking to gain from the word this year.  Finally, we were prompted to make some notes to ourselves.  I wrote down some things that Ali said in the January class that inspired me to really think about the journey I’m on this year as I begin it.

It’s okay to go slow, start with a deep breath, and embrace the season you are in.

I bought myself one of those iPhone watches a couple of months ago and my favorite thing about that watch is the breathing app.  The last few months have been so stressful that it was really helpful to have my watch vibrate and then walk me through a minute of just focusing on my breathing.

It sounds ridiculous when I say it, but that really helped me relax and refocus on what needed to get done.

So what does journey mean for me today?

Today it means that I need to let go of that stress and tension I carried around the last 40 years from working.  You don’t always get to pick who you work with and some people are truly toxic.  Sometimes you can find ways to avoid them, but sometimes you can’t.

I’m hoping that I will be able to find a way to avoid any toxic people I encounter on this journey this year!  I learned a long time ago from a very wise woman, Dr. Joan Dorr, that sometimes turning the other cheek means turning and walking away.  Joan was a Pastoral Associate at our church and she taught several theology classes and led groups for us throughout the years.  I took every class.  I love them and learned a lot about myself in the midst of working full time, raising children, being a wife, and being a member of the community.  You need a Joan in your life to point you in the right direction and help you find the peace sometimes.

I think that’s what this journey is for me in 2020.  Finding peace, finding new adventures, and finding community amongst friends.

Have a wonderful day and thank you for stopping by and being a part of my journey today!

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