Creating With Doodles and Watercolors

By | 08/17/2020

Have you ever spent a few days just creating backgrounds and images from your own doodles and then painting or coloring them just for fun?

I’ve been creating mixed media backgrounds for a few days now and today I just felt like pulling out my watercolors and creating something all my own.  I’ve been working on my doodles, but I just wanted to paint some flowers that were just mine.

I painted them and then added the sketched outline with my journaling maker around the edges.  I added a few details and decided to make them into cards just for fun.

Doodling and watercoloring my own images

My husband did not like this because it was “too droopy”.  I’m thinking that I’ve been in the mood for moody, dramatic colors and maybe that is what he didn’t like about it.

What does he know?! Harrumph!!

After his assessment, I did add the outline sketch with my journaling marker around the edges and the white gel pen dots around the edge of the flower center.  I also did the sentiment and the ink splattering just to make it feel finished for myself.

Doodling and watercoloring my own images

I was happy with it!  I wasn’t trying to make something that I am going to sell.  Plus…I’ve got to start somewhere!  He’s always telling me that I should be selling my watercolors…but, not today!  I have been working my way through a set of forest flora and fauna watercolor lessons and I’m enjoying it.  I just purchased the ocean set and that is going to be next.

I learn something every single time I practice and today was no exception!

After the droopy flower comment, I drew a perky flower and watercolored it.  I also decided to add a watercolor wash background so that I could add it to the Atlantic Hearts Sketch Challenge.  It is time for my design team card and I decided this would be it!

Doodling and watercoloring my own images

I have been trying a technique with doodling where you draw a flower without lifting your pen.  It needs to be one continuous line from start to finish. Then I watercolored this one and added the brush strokes so that I could use it with the sketch below.  I also added a couple of hand drawn dots and lines to anchor the background and I added my sentiment from the same Altenew Just Because Builder stamp set.

Doodling and watercoloring my own images

I actually drew and painted this one because he called the first one droopy.  Then I went and had dinner.  When I came back, I realized that I really do like both of these.

So I’m bravely sharing my experiment here with you my friend!

I used some really nice watercolors today.  These are the Kuretake Gansai Tambi 36 Color pan set of paints.  They are professional quality paints, not student grade paints.  It makes such a difference!  There is no granulation, the colors blend beautifully, and the pigment is amazing.  I did not do a great job catching the color variation in my photos, so I need to work on painting it so it has a more dramatic difference in my dark areas and light areas.

I’m learning and loving it.  I love to see what Debby Hughes is up to.  She is the master watercolorist and she is still studying other people’s techniques and trying new things.  I think it is a forever learning process no matter what stage you are at in your creative endeavor!

That’s a good thing…who wants to be so good at something that there is no improving?  I have so far to go that it is exciting to create a new piece every time I do it.  Even when my husband deems it droopy!

Here is the Atlantic Hearts Sketch Challenge that I used for my second card…this inspired the brush strokes behind the doodled flower!

Doodling and watercoloring my own images

I hope you are finding creative ways to fill your soul during all of this chaos my friend.  I’ve been sharing all of my creations with you because it is really filling me up!  It’s so relaxing!

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