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By | 10/09/2020

Some images just capture your attention as soon as you see them!  This Viking image from Kinda Cute by Patricia is one of those images I just had to color!

I’ve been creating a lot of intricated scenes lately with my Copics and I decided it was time to keep it simple!

Just because you are coloring images with alcohol markers or watercoloring them doesn’t mean that you always have to create time consuming backgrounds.  You can just keep it as clean and simple as your image and use some papers from your stash to complete the card.

Sometimes I have to remind myself to Keep It Simple Silly!

digital images and copic coloring

Next time I color this, I am putting him on the bow of a tall ship sailing into a port.  Next time I’m feeling ambitious!

I picked this because my daughter’s partner, Rick.  He is a big guy with very red hair and a red beard.  He looks like a Viking.  I attempted to give him freckles all over his face and hands, but I clearly have not mastered freckles yet!  Anyway, when Katie and Rick went to Scotland a lot of tourists wanted to pose for pictures with Rick because they thought he was a native.

digital images and copic coloring

I was pretty pleased with the hair.  I’ve been working on hair, pleats, and fur.  I’m making strides and I still find this to be such a relaxing thing to do.  I love printing out an image and just coloring for a couple of hours.

It’s so meditative!

Copic Color Combinations:

Pants: R59,27,25,22

Cape: G29,28,24,21, YG67

Hair: E 09,97,99,50

Shirt: B37,24,23,21

Helmut: N3,1,0 and E 47,44,43

Shoes and Belt: W9,7,5

Axe and Shield: E47,44,34  W5,7,9

Skin: E13,00,30

Ground: E43,42,40

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Thank you so much for stopping by today!  Have a fantastic day.  If you know the secret to freckles…please leave a comment and let me know!

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