Have You Created A Spring Wreath For Your Door?

By | 04/15/2014

Have you created a spring wreath for your door?  I finally took down my winter wreath and changed the covers on my wicker chairs to my spring covers.  (Okay…my new cushion covers are just pretty lavender towels that I wrap around the cushions, but my porch looks like spring is here!)

stamping imperfection spring wreath


Meet the Burlap and Blooms Simply Created Wreath Kit!  This was quick and easy to make!  All you need is a glue gun and some scissors.  I added a simple bow created from the Wisteria Wonder Chevron Ribbon. (It matches the towels I used to cover my cushions perfectly!)

I have this hanging on my porch next to my front door, so it is pretty sheltered.  It’s rare that the rain will be so terrible that it will actually hit the front of my house.  The wind is an entirely different story!

stamping imperfection spring wreath


I was surprised at how quickly the flowers of the kit went together.  I am always amazed by the things we can create with a little paper, some glue and a touch of creativity!



Besides the Chevron Ribbon, I did add a Styrofoam wreath form.  The kit comes with a cardboard wreath base that is flat and I wanted more dimension to mine.  Otherwise, I made the kit exactly as it was designed to be created!   I like a good craft kit that allows me to just sit in front of the TV and create something without requiring me to first design the project and then select the materials and create the project.  Every now and then, I like to have the decision making part taken out of the equation.  There are days that I want to be creative, but without all the work!  Kits are just perfect for those days.

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Purchase your wreath kit and ribbon online at mystampingstore.com!

Create a spring wreath for your door!

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