How To Make Sure You Get A Handmade Birthday Card

By | 04/13/2014

How to make sure you get a handmade birthday card on your birthday:  craft with your kids!

stamping imperfection handmade birthday

Last year my kids surprised me for my birthday by coming home for the weekend.  They both go to schools about an hour and a half from New York City, but in opposite directions.  They met at Penn Station and then took the train from Penn home to Long Island.  It was a huge surprise to find them on the porch when the doorbell rang!

This year my daughter came home to borrow my laptop since hers died in the middle of her senior thesis a few short weeks before graduation!  (Happily for me, because she’s here for my birthday today!)

On her way out of her dorm, she grabbed some stamping supplies and made a quick card for me on the train!  LOVE it!  I took a picture of it next to the ceramic cake she made in high school ceramics class.  (What does one do with a ceramic cake?  A purple one at that!)

We’ve crafted together since she was old enough to hold a glue stick and crayon!  I can’t bring myself to part with the bin of rubber stamps we used to stamp with when the kids were small.  (You know, like the Barney stamps!)

She’ll be moving into her very first apartment after she graduates…I’m thinking she’s going to need some new crafting supplies as an apartment warming gift!


Thank you for stopping by!  Enjoy your day!

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