How My New Blog Layout Will Make Your Life Easier!

By | 08/10/2013

blog_redesignI’ve chosen a new blog layout to make your life easier!  I really want my blog to be a useful reference tool and a source of inspiration.  I get a considerable amount of feedback from my sister (good and, well…the brutally honest  kind)!  After careful consideration and many conversations with other blog readers, I’ve decided that this layout will be more useful to you.

With my new blog layout, you can see my posts for the last 21 days!  You can quickly scan to see what you’ve missed or you can more easily search for an idea that you saw on my blog “a while ago” and find it without scrolling through pages of stuff you don’t need to look at!

I hate to say it, but I agree with my sister.  We are all busy.  You are busy, she is busy and I am busy.  Like my sister, I have a full time job and I bring a lot of work home with me.  The one thing that I don’t have is kids home all the time (although, happily, my son and daughter are both home for the weekend!).  During the school year, they are off at college, which is why I started my blog.

I created my blog to share my love of paper crafting with you.  I craft almost every single day now.  I tried to craft as often as possible when my kids were growing up.  Crafting in those days usually involved a project that the three of us could do together.  I actually have a milk crate full of kid stamps and ink pads that were reserved just for them.  We did a lot of projects together over the years and a good number of them are still displayed and decorating our home.  You can tell that kids live here…or at least grew up here.  (Actually…the college stuff is overtaking the house right now.  When do they move back to college?!)

I think crafting with your kids is an amazing gift to give them.  It’s truly quality time together and they end up with great hobbies and believe it or not, skills that are useful.  Creativity is a skill almost every profession needs.  My daughter still loves to craft to this day.  She is a Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering major and her favorite part of the engineering process is the design part.  I can’t help but think that all our afternoons of crafting played a part in that.  My son may not craft everyday, but he’s also using the design skills he honed as a computer programming major.  He has a lot of graphic design skills and you can’t tell me that creativity doesn’t make for a better computer programmer!

I hope you like the new blog layout and I hope you find it to be a useful resource to quickly find what you are looking for.  I know that you are as busy as I am, so I’m hoping this makes your life, or your search for inspiration, easier!


Note:  With this new design, I have to set a featured image for each blog post.  It turns out that I have over 280 blog posts since November!  I’ve set the featured image on the last 42 posts and I will do a few each day until they are all done.

My “Featured Image” for today was created with the My Digital Studio software.  All of the elements (First Edition Background Paper, Punch Image, Splatters and the Daring Adventure stamp) are all  included with the basic software!

You can print this image on Whisper White or Very Vanilla card stock and frame it for inspiration if you’d like:  Life is a Daring Adventure Frameable


Thank you for visiting!

Leave a comment and let me know how much more useful this blog layout is!  (Perhaps not as aesthetically pleasing, but more user friendly for the busy crafter!)

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