LOAD Challenge Day 3: What’s in a Name?

By | 10/03/2020

Happy World Cardmaking Day!

I did make 3 cards today, but I will share those tomorrow.

Today I’m sharing my Scrap Happy Layout A Day Scrapping Challenge.

The prompt that I received in the email today was for us to tell the story of how family names are passed down in our family.  The technique was to use the color royal blue on the layout.  OOPS!  I didn’t read that one!

Layout a day challenge day 3

My dad was a Junior.  He was named after his father and on Mom’s side of the family, her oldest brother was named after her father but with a different middle name.  These are not family traditions, however.  I think maybe it was a tradition of my grandparent’s generation.

I decided to create a layout in the fall gratitude journal I made about my name. As I look at it, technically the adjoining page has blue…not royal blue, but blue.  There is a tiny bit of royal blue in the circle label I used to add the date of the photo that I used.

I created this gratitude journal in August so that it would be ready for me to use in the fall.  I’m so happy I did that and now I’m using it!

I was given the name Kimberly because my mother saw the name on the side of the laundry detergent box one day.  The detergent was made by the Kimberly Clark Corporation.  She and Dad must have really liked the name, because they gave it to me.  They only ever called me Kimberly if I misbehaved.  Mostly my entire family calls me Kimmy or Kimmers.  My middle name is the same as my mother’s middle name which I always liked.

Layout a day challenge day 3

My plan was to have only 2 ephemera clumps on the page, but then I needed a journaling box…so there is a third.  Actually, it’s mostly like the ephemera goes down the side and around the bottom!

I loved the Specimen tags that I had in my stash. It seemed kind of perfect for this challenge about names.  That’s the science gal in me. I took Zoology, Microbiology, Parasitology…the list goes on.  You get it.  Scientific names were important and this had meaning to me.

I used a  lot of Tim Holtz ephemera and sticker on this page.  The paper is a mixture from my stash and you will see it on anther layout project on the 7th.  Along with this same picture!

I added some enamel pieces and old brad stickies and wood veneer items from my stash from waaaay back when.

I’m mixing old and new stuff together and it really has made me excited about all the great stuff I have in my stash.  I just got too busy to play with it because, well…life!

Layout a day challenge day 3

I can’t leave the top corner of the page empty, so I gave it a scrap that I created a banner out of and used it to anchor my title.  (There will need to be a corresponding page entitled “YOU” sometime this month since the thickers expected me to use Me + You…)

I enjoyed creating a small layout in the traveler’s notebook sized journal.  I’m using my traveler’s notebook for memory keeping and journaling so this seemed perfect.

I’m off to enjoy an evening on the deck under the stars with my husband.  I hope that chimenea keeps us warm tonight.  We are definitely having fall morning and evening temperatures.  It’s nice.  This picture is from Sept. 15, which was the first sweater and jeans weather day for my morning walks for this season.  I had been wearing shorts or capris length pants until that day!

Thank you so much for stopping by!  I hope you are finding time to be creative to fill you up.  Those busy periods don’t always allow us time to do all of the creating we so often need to replenish ourselves.

Be well.

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