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Stampin’ Up! Treated Me Like A Star!

Stampin’ Up! treated my like a star this week. I was greeted at the airport in Salt Lake City by the limo driver holding this sign: The bag behind it is one of the gifts I found in my room when I arrived.  It contained all of the basic supplies you need to stamp! Right next to it… Read More »

Can This Craft Desk Be Saved?

Can this craft desk be saved?  You are no doubt thinking, “What a mess!”.  Indeed it is.  I’m calling it my craft mesk…you know…mess+desk=mesk.  Right now, I’m thinking…NO!  Just get a shovel and a bucket! “Why such a mesk, Kim?  What’s up with that?” Let me tell you!  First the picture of shame: I know, I know!  Shameful? … Read More »