Can This Craft Desk Be Saved?

By | 11/08/2014

Can this craft desk be saved?  You are no doubt thinking, “What a mess!”.  Indeed it is.  I’m calling it my craft mesk…you know…mess+desk=mesk.  Right now, I’m thinking…NO!  Just get a shovel and a bucket!

“Why such a mesk, Kim?  What’s up with that?”

Let me tell you!  First the picture of shame:

craft mess

I know, I know!  Shameful?  How can I work in that mesk?  I can’t!  Before my “creativity” gets any further out of control, I will tidy this up.

I’ve been experimenting.  I was told on Tuesday that I need 15 card kits for a shoebox swap that I will be participating in on Sunday night…in Utah!  Yes, Utah!  My Rising Star trip is finally here!  I’m so excited.  I do have to ‘fess up and admit that I’m nervous about designing a card that people from Stampin’ Up! corporate offices will be making.  It’s a bit of pressure!  I bet I’ve designed 10 cards and can’t decide which I like best and which will be the easiest to make kits for and transport in my carry on bag!

Why did I leave this until today?  Well, my principal invited two teachers to participate in the interview process for our new assistant principal.  I was honored when he invited me to participate.  Needless to say, I spent 4-5 hours on Wednesday and Thursday after school in the interviews.  What a fascinating process that was!  WOW!  There are really fantastic people out there working hard for kids.  We met an impressive group of educators.  But…no cards were made on those days!

Then after school yesterday it was time to get my hair cut and yes…colored.  Where does all that gray come from?!  My kids are grown, I love my job…it must be my husband.  Yet, as I look at him, I see his beard is completely gray.  His kids are grown, he loves his job…it must be his wife!  Admittedly, I also shopped for 30 minutes for a new carry on bag.

Today I’m packing, making card kits and getting my cleaning done.  Obviously, I did not start in the craft room with the cleaning!

A couple of weeks ago, Stampin’ Up! sent me a gift in the mail along with my travel and trip itinerary.

Rising Star Gift

This wonderful binder came with a business book and my itinerary!

Rising Star Gift

I’m so excited!  I’ll be meeting Shelli Gardner, the Co-founder and CEO of Stampin’ Up!  We will have lunch with her on Monday.  They have planned a Blendabilities session that I’m really looking forward to and we (one other person won this award as well)  will also get a sneak peek at Sale-a-Bration goodies.  They have a Project Life Pizza Party planned as well.  (I have to take pictures with me…so I’m guessing that means we’ll be doing some Memory Keeping!)

I received a necklace several weeks ago as well.

Rising Star Gift

Love it!  Now they are flying me out to Utah for the next 4 days and 3 nights.  I can’t wait to see Stampin’ Up! in person.  I’ve only seen it in pictures and I’ve watched convention stuff on YouTube.  With two kids in college, it just wasn’t realistic to go to convention.   But this trip is part of the award that I received.  What a perk!

I started this as a little hobby blog to fill the gap the kids left when they both went off to college.  I had hoped that the 20% discount I get on supplies as an Independent Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator would pay for my hobby and blog.  I had NO IDEA what it would lead to.  I’ve met so many people, albeit via email and online, but it’s been so much fun.  I also didn’t expect to get so much in free products or the volume rebates (that’s what Stampin’ Up! calls it…I call it CASH!).  Now, I’ve received this trip and training directly from the people running the company!

I’m by no means going to leave my day job.  I was born to teach and I enjoy my job.  I am making a difference for kids in my school.  I do have to say, that as a “hobby”, this is not a bad gig!  I’ve definitely filled the hole the kids left when they grew up and started having their own lives…as we raised them to.  It’s great fun to have hobbies and it’s even more fun when the hobby pays for itself and has some fun perks of it’s own that you never expected!  (The no guilt hobby.)

Thank you so much for your support the last two years!  I can’t wait to share the card that I finally decide on for the shoebox swap and I can’t wait to share details of my award trip!

If you’re in need of something to fill the gap in your life, you may want to consider giving Stampin’ Up! a try and see where it takes you!

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4 thoughts on “Can This Craft Desk Be Saved?

  1. Maryjane Hernandez

    Hi Kim!

    So happy for you in your award as a Rising Star, congratulations!  I’m also a demonstrator but only do it for myself and the discount.  I will probably leave the end of this year and will be looking for a demonstrator.  May I ask in what city or state you are located in?  i really like your style.



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