The 5 Most Important Things My Mother Taught Me

By | 05/11/2013

Mom’s are full of wisdom.  You don’t realize it until you are raising children of your own and then suddenly the words, “Because I said so!”, make so much more sense!!  As you raise your own family, you try to think of all the things you need to teach your kids.  Broccoli is good.  Wash your hands before dinner.  Brush your teeth after meals and before bed.  Be nice. Do your homework.  Don’t even think of rolling your eyes like that at me again!

When I think about the most important things my mother taught me, there are 5 things she repeated over and over that I still live by.  They have served me well.

  1. Always be yourself.
  2. A girl needs a good cry at least once a month.
  3. Get a college education so you never have to rely on a man.
  4. God never gives you more to bear than he thinks you can handle.  (This is Mother Theresa via Mom!)
  5. Every so often, you have to treat yourself to a good old fashioned ice cream cherry soda!

Of course I made Mom a handmade card and gift bag that contained a fabulous gift!!!  I thought it would be fun to also post a card created on My Digital Studio on my blog to honor Mom today.  (I’ve attached the PDF below.  You can print it on card stock and then use it as a card front!  I left it without digital embellishments in case you want to add your own embellishments!)


Of course with MDS, you can create a sentiment for the inside as well.  I created one to make Mom chuckle ( and admittedly…to make my sister gasp and roll her eyes!).


I know you laughed Mom!  I do have one thing to ‘fess up to.  While all 5 of your wisdoms have served me well, I have taken the liberty of substituting other things for number 5.  Every so often you have to treat yourself to___________.  I’ve been a bit more liberal with the blank.  A fabulous handbag, a great pair of shoes, a real pedicure, and the occasional day to do nothing but read…I’m sure you approve!  You were right, the cleaning will still be there tomorrow!

Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

Here is the printable PDF, just in case you need a quick card today!  mother’s_day_card

Have a wonderful day!

Happy crafting!



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