How To Scrapbook Video Series + PDF Guides

By | 07/30/2023

Hello crafty friend!Hello Darlin' from Stamping Imperfection

Welcome to my new video series: How to Scrapbook!

I will be walking you through the basics of scrapbooking and showing you some of the amazing tips and tricks I’ve learned from so many of the industry experts!

This is a really incredible hobby.  So many scrapbookers and artists freely share their expertise and experience with us so we can learn to love this hobby too.

A little about me in case you are new here…stamping imperfection

I’m a retired science teacher and an empty nester.  My husband (of 38 years) and I have 2 thirty something “kids”.  Actually, now we have 3 because our daughter just got married last week and now we have a son-in-law we adore.

I have a good portion of my photos all scrapbooked.  Not all, but a good portion.

So what do you have left to scrapbook if you don’t go to work every day and you aren’t in the midst of raising children any more?

Everything else!

I document my days.  I still want to tell my story and there is so much more to say!

I can share photos of my gardens, books I’m reading, projects I’m doing, sunsets, sunrises, animals I see on my daily walks, selfies, meal photos…. you name it!  I can document all of my stories guilt free!

I also don’t hesitate to snap a photo of a photo I’ve already scrapbooked and add it to a new layout with a new collection I can’t wait to use.  The photos I have of my kids prior to high school were taken pre-digital cameras…yep! I used a film camera when my kids were growing up.  That is all there was.  No digital backups! It wasn’t a thing then. Who knows where those negatives are! Now I can create a digital copy by just taking a photo of a photo.

So the teacher in me has a plan for my new series:

  1. I will start with a brief overview of the 5 steps of scrapbooking and talk about the supplies you need.
  2. Then I want to do a few videos on base pages.  You need a canvas on which to build your story.  Those gorgeous papers we purchase will give us the foundation to record our story.
  3. I will do a few videos on photos…sizes, printing and so forth.
  4. Then we will talk titles, journaling, and embellishing.
  5. Finally, I want to do some videos on traveler’s notebooks and mini albums.  I mostly make 12 x 12 albums; I do love creating albums of other sizes.  I adore traveler’s notebooks as well and I’ve learned so much about documenting my stories in smaller albums that I want to share that with you as well.

I’ve done lots of research over the last few years and I’ve taken many classes.  I’ve also participated in as many virtual workshops as I could.  I’ve been picking the brains of the experts in the field!  Now I’m ready to share it all with you in what I hope is a concise and logical fashion.

I will create a video series on my YouTube channel, and I will also supplement the videos with some PDF handouts that you can download from this blog!

I hope you find this helpful.

I will cover basics and then move on to more advanced techniques that you can add to your layouts to add texture, dimension, and interest.

Now and Forever CTMH double page layout

Thank you for stopping by!  I hope that you will join me for this series and create along with me!

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