When Is A Pun Too “Punny”?

By | 02/07/2018

I’m thinking that a pun is never too “punny”!  I love the one on my card today.  It is the entire reason that I bought this stamp set from Altenew.  I loved this sentiment.

Stamping Imperfection Love You Mush


You’re such a fungi…with the mushrooms.  Bahahaha!  I laugh at it every single time!

I couldn’t make a serious card.  My latest class for the Altenew Educator Certification Program is called “For The Guys” and one of the recommendations for making cards for guys was to use a pun and to make it fun.  I decided to go ahead with bright crazy colors and just have fun with it on this card.

I created the card for this week’s Paper Craft Crew Challenge and the theme this week in Mardi Gras.



For some reason, I grabbed a scrap of white card stock from my scrap bin and started stamping.  I liked how it turned out with the bright colors and the layered stamps.  The dilemma was that the paper was cut an odd size…3-7/8 x 4-3/8″.  I used a piece of red card stock that I got from Altenew…I think this may be my favorite red card stock ever.  It is a deep, rich color and I love it.

I was going to put the sentiment below the stamped image and I had plenty of room to do so, but it felt like an old tired layout.

I’m really loving the trend of putting the sentiment over part of the image along one side of the card.  My sentiment is 3/4″ wide, so it covered up too much of the image to put it over any part of the image.  I decided to place it along the top and the card immediately felt better.

I added some enamel dots from one of my craft kits.  The company did not label them, so I have no idea where they are from!  I used black to bring coordinate with the black top layer of the mushrooms.

What to do with the bottom?  I decided on a fun piece of black and white washi tape and a touch of silver glitter washi tape for the Mardi Gras theme.

How does this relate to Mardi Gras?  It’s fun, bright and happy.  It’s got a little sparkle and I hope it makes the recipient smile.

Thank you so much for stopping by today!  Remember to embrace the imperfections!!

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