5 Key Elements of a Scrapbook Layout

By | 01/28/2023

I’ve been doing a lot of research and I’ve taken several classes on scrapbook layout design.  I’ve come up with 5 key elements that I like to include on all of my layouts or in each double page layout.

5 key elements every scrapbook layout needs


These 5 items include:

  1. Photos
  2. Canvas (layout background)
  3. Ephemera (the “jewelry”)
  4. Title
  5. Journaling

I scrapbook to tell my story and my family’s story.  I want my layout to convey an event or a moment in time that I want us to remember.

I always try to start with the photos or the potential photos a soon-to-be event will create.  If I’m making my layout for a future event, I plan for the photos and add photo place holders cut to size for the photos I hope to include.

I also want the layout to have the name of the event (title), the date, and the people involved at the very least.  I may want to include several thoughts or memories of the event which I will usually write directly on the page with a journaling pen.

This means that I want all eyes on my photo and then my journaling!  I always use my ephemera to draw your attention to my focal point which is almost always my main photo!

5 key elements every scrapbook layout needs


I used the Close To My Heart Now & Forever scrapbook workshop kit to create two layouts with my favorite layout.  You will find a printable version of the layout sketch below!

I purchased the workshop kit with the stamp set and thin cuts and I’m so glad that I did that.  I created a huge pile of flowers, butterflies, hearts, and other ephemera using th estamp and die set.  I use almost all of the ephemera that I made.

I also pulled out a couple of my thin cut tags and tabs dies to create pretty tags and tabs that you can see included on these two layouts.

5 key elements every scrapbook layout needs


How did I do with the key elements on this double page layout?

  1. Photos: I included two photo place holders.  I made one a portrait orientation and the other landscape.
  2. Canvas: I used my favorite scrapbook layout.  I love the L-shaped layout with the photo nestled in the corner where the two papers meet!  See the sketch below!
  3. Embellishments: My favorite part! I created a lot of my own ephemera and added some stickers and embroidery elements from the workshop kit.
  4. Title: I used a pretty wood laser cut work piece for my title.  At this point, I had used all of the pre-made sticker title pieces that came in the kit!
  5. Journaling: The journaling will be added by the recipient of this album when they add in their photos. I used a piece of the ledger patterned paper below the photos on each page. This makes a perfect spot to add journaling, along with that pretty white heart on the first layout that I shared.

5 key elements every scrapbook layout needs


5 key elements every scrapbook layout needs


You can get the printable PDF of the sketches and sample layouts here: 2023 Sketches Stamping Imperfection Now & Forever Go To Layout




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Non-stick paper snip scissors: Non-stick Micro-tip Scissors (Z1836) | Close To My Heart

Thank you for dropping by!  I hope you are finding my scrapbook layouts and videos to be inspiring!  I love documenting my story!!

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