Boys Will Be Boys??? What About The Girls?

By | 06/22/2014

Boys will be boys???  What about the girls?

I have to take issue with the name of one of the stamp sets called Boys Will Be Boys.  I LOVE this stamp set, but as a Physics teacher by day and as the mother of a daughter with a degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Princeton, I think this should be called “Great Toys For All Kids!”

It’s a fabulous stamp set with great images.  I will be using these stamps on my handouts for school next year!   I will design new labs and problem sets just to use these images!

The robot is just fun!!


This card is for my wonderful students…the Class of 2014!  What an amazing group of young adults I had the pleasure of spending my days with over the last year.  Actually, I was lucky enough to have a bunch of them for two years.  First they took the challenging class that I teach and then they took the really challenging class that I teach!

Here in New York, this is our last week of school for the school year.  I will truly miss this group of truly lovely people.  Kudos to their parents as well.   Be proud of them and brag!!!  (I believe it to be our obligation as parents!)

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Thank you for visiting!  Boys will be boys, but girls love legos, yo-yos, robots and blocks, too!  They are toys that foster creativity in all kids!

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