Love To Scrap Challenge

By | 05/12/2023

The Love To Scrap Challenge for May and June is live!  In the midst of moving, unpacking, and having my son here for two weeks, I’m a little late sharing my blog post!

As always, this is an anything goes challenge as long as you use scraps!

I created a quick Traverler’s Notebook layout:

Love to scrap challenge


I decided to document my craft room as I was packing it up to move.  I love being a snow bird, but it is work every 6 months to pack up my stuff to move back only to unpack it a week later!

The change of scenery every 6 months is really nice though…as is a sunny locale in the winter.

I used some scrap papers I had sitting on my desk, along with some left over bits from a scrapbook collection.

When I “kill a kit” scrapbooking, I always put the extra leftovers in a clear envelope so I can pull them out to use in my traveler’s notebooks.  I love documenting small moments in my days in these little notebooks.  It’s relaxing to create them and it’s a fun way to journal or keep a diary.  I feel like I’m recording my story if for nothing more than my own relaxation process!

I also have a 2 bin limit when packing, so I really have to be choosy about what craft supplies make the cut.  I have to confess that it really makes me rethink my craft stash and I’ve really decreased my random craft spending.  I only order from 3 or 4 companies and I really limit what I purchase.

I have put myself on a crafty budget and I’m doing a good job of sticking to it.  (Not a perfect job, but a good job!)

I found it a challenge to go from being a working empty nester to being retired on a fixed income.  In one of those scenarios, I was able to treat myself to whatever crafty supplies I wanted.  In my new scenario, I had to put the brakes on!

Honestly…I have enough craft kits to last a couple of years!  I am doing a lot more stash diving to create my goodies now and I’m feeling good about it.

I would love to hear what you have been up to in your craft room!

Thank you for stopping by today!~


2 thoughts on “Love To Scrap Challenge

  1. SC

    Being a snowbird is a lot of work, but I think its worth it. Dealing with the Northwest winters is not for everyone. Why not get the best of both worlds. 😀


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