Copic Coloring Winter Gnome

By | 10/30/2019

Are you an alcohol marker lover?

Over the last year and a half, I’ve been working on my watercoloring and my alcohol marker coloring skills.

I’ve taken a lot of classes with lots of different instructors.

No two instructors have the same technique.  My goal is to try many different techniques and then see what works for me.  I want to develop my own style of watercoloring and alcohol marker coloring

I did splurge on some Copic markers last year during the holiday sales.  I’ve been practicing and truly enjoying the process of learning new skills.

Check out the card from a class I just finished:

Copic Marker Coloring Winter Gnome


The only image on that paper to start was an outline of the Gnome.  I added all the rest to create the scene…with instruction of course.

How fun is that?  You start with a blank page and just sketch in some mountains and do some shading with a few markers to create an entire scene.


Copic Marker Coloring Winter Gnome

It’s not perfect, but I have improved so much since the first Copic class I took with this instructor.

This is Mindy Baxter from My Creative Scoop.  She has a monthly Copic coloring class and her style is very different from other instructors I’ve taken classes from.

She creates backgrounds and trees out of nothing but shading with Copics.  Her videos are short and one will do just the mountains, then one will do the sky and so forth.

It’s nice because you sometimes have 15 minutes and you can do a few parts of the image and come back to it later.

I really like that.  She has a lot of free information on her blog as well.

I took my first class with her through Altenew Academy.  She also has a YouTube channel you can watch and learn from.

Copic Marker Coloring Winter Gnome

One of my favorite things about taking a class like this online is that I concentrate so much on watching and learning then doing it myself that I actually forget about work and my list of things to do.

I just really need that some days and I bet you do too!

Maybe you aren’t interested in alcohol marker coloring or watercoloring, but you can find all kinds of classes on things you might be interested in.

My 76 year old mother loves sewing and quilting and she loves her YouTube quilting videos.  She has people she follows and she makes absolutely stunning quilts.  We fight over the flannel ones!  They are cozy!

My goal for 2020 is to start creating and offering classes for stamping, scrapbooking and other papercrafting. I’m working on Cricut projects that I can’t wait to share with you as well.  I’ve already started creating them so that I can have them ready to go for you in January.

I would love for you to leave a comment to let me know what kinds of things you are interested in learning.  My first class is a Technique-A-Week class and I can’t wait to start sharing that one!  That will be a free class!

I hope you find something that you enjoy so much it makes you forget the stress of the day.

Happy creating!

4 thoughts on “Copic Coloring Winter Gnome

  1. Anita Cripps

    Hi Kim!
    I love this card. So cute. You are so talented and I am hopeful that I can benefit by taking some of the classes that you have shared. I just need to have the time. I am thinking after the holidays I am going to try some of the Altenew marker classes. I bought one set and really like them. I am not about the water coloring at this time but the markers may be my thing. I can’t believe that your retirement is so close. Where is the time going? You must be so excited. Keep us posted!
    As always thank you for sharing your talent

    1. kim Post author

      Hi Anita,
      I think time is everything! I really like the marker classes because it forces me to focus on my project and it blocks out everything else. It is a perfect stress relief! The Altenew markers are a great price point for getting started with alcohol markers and they color just as beautifully as the more expensive markers. Enjoy!

  2. Dora

    I love what you did with the image. Beautiful work.
    You’ve inspired me to make cards from mine, too.

    I adore Alyce’s classes.


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