Crafting With Kits And Kids For The Holidays

By | 11/04/2014

Crafting With Kits And Kids For The Holidays!

It has been a long tradition in our house to craft for the holidays.  We love craft kits that take the work out of creating and let us do the fun assembly and decorating parts.  I’ve been crafting my entire life, as have my children, and I still love a kit.

Needless to say, when my daughter came home to visit for the weekend, we did all of our favorite things.  These include baking, shopping, playing scrabble, watching a movie and making a craft or two together just to name a few.  (My daughter is 22, in grad school working on a PhD in Robotics and crafting is always on her list of things to do with me…still!  She’s got plans to bake and craft with friends next weekend!)

We made 3D stars!

crafting with kits and kids for the holidays from stamping imperfection

We made 7 of the 25 stars in the Many Merry Stars kit.  These are going to look great on either my fire place mantle or my piano.  I was quite pleasantly surprised at how pretty these turned out.  Last year we had a lot of fun with the snowflakes kit, so this was a fun kit to complete.  We decided that some of the smaller and medium ones would be great hanging on the tree as well.  You could also make them into gift tags and gift toppers if you haven’t got a surface that needs decorating.  (I don’t know about you, but I do have a nice collection of nutcrackers that I always put on my fireplace mantle.  It’s very festive!)

This of course is not the only craft Katie made.  She brought her October Paper Pumpkin Kit home with her to make that and she made a metal ferris wheel from a kit she got at Barnes and Noble.  (Her bachelor’s degree is in engineering…crafters make excellent engineers!  She’s creative, loves to design things and absolutely loves to construct things!)

I should warn you…once you start your kids crafting, they will become crafters for life.  Maybe it is genetic!  Who knows!  It’s definitely relaxing and it’s definitely a wonderful tradition and activity to share with family and friends.

This kit and many other kits can be purchased online at!  It is available while supplies last!

Start your own tradition of crafting with kids and kits for the holidays!

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