Fun Scrapbooking Finds From A 5 Year Old Point Of View

By | 02/22/2019

I just have a quick post today.  When I was cleaning up a couple of weekends ago, I came across the first scrapbook pages my daughter ever made.

She was 5 and in Kindergarten.

I think they are pretty fabulous myself.

Scrapbooking from a 5 year old perspective

I would say that she has a clean and simple style and her text gets right to the point.

I love how she cut the flower image by hand around herself in her ballet costume.  She also drew a circle and cut that by hand as well.

It was all put together with the help of a glue stick!

She created 4 pages in this manner:

Scrapbooking from a 5 year old perspective

She made a page featuring her brother with all the important details.  My mother should have done that in all her albums so we would know exactly what the photos were and who was in them.

Scrapbooking from a 5 year old perspective

She did not mention that guy next to her.  He was the principal of her elementary school and she was selected as the student of the month which is the purpose of the picture.  She was the very first student selected.  We were very proud of her.

She clearly has mad scrapbooking skills, even at that age.

We went to many scrapbooking crops over the years and she really has made some beautiful scrapbooks.  Her skills improved as mine did as well.  She has even made me scrapbooks as gifts and I cherish them!Scrapbooking from a 5 year old perspective

She got very creative here!  There are 3 photos and she has drawn a caterpillar to hold them.  I love that she cut out the heart around herself in the middle because it coordinates with the paper she selected.

I hope she sees this post!  I bet she hasn’t seen these pages since she made them.  They are safely in an album with page protectors to protect the memories forever!

Thank you for stopping by and indulging me!  It was nice to clean up and find some fun memories along the way.  Now they are in an album where they should be and safely stored on the memory shelf!

Have a wonderful day!


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