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By | 11/10/2018

I spent my entire day cleaning.  All I really wanted to do was get to my crafty space and play with my new Canvo journal from Catherine Pooler Designs.

I really enjoy adding touches to the pages that I’ve created.

I like that I have the chance to doodle and experiment without worrying about it being perfect.  I’m creating it just for me and the only people who see it will be, well…you.  I don’t think you’re judging me.

I wonder if your thinking about what you would do differently…ha!  Get yourself a journal and get going.

Here is my December page so far:

Stamping Imperfection Canvo Journal

Sorry about the photo…I had a lot of glare and I just wanted to take a couple of pictures and get this blog post done.  I’m anxious to share!

I used one of CP’s older Christmas sets called Here We Come A-Caroling.  The shine is coming from the Powder Blue embellishment mousse.  I was experimenting with making my snowbanks with this fabulous medium because I love the shine it gives.  The music notes are done on black with CP’s Lime Ricky embossing glitter with some silver mousse over the top.

The one thing I wish I hadn’t done was to experiment with the Snow Marker I got a couple of months ago.  I thought it would add some sparkle to my snowbanks, but instead it looks like I colored a line where the snowbanks are.  I need to practice with that on scrap paper before I use it again.

Stamping Imperfection Canvo JournalThis is a good view for you to see the musical notes stamp with the glitter.  I actually tried to stamp it directly on the page, but it did not stamp well for some reason.  I had to create a piece to pop over the messy stamping.

It’s all an experiment!

Tomorrow I have to vacuum and clean the shower…I should also cover the rest of the outdoor furniture before it snows here.

All I really want to do is play with my journal!

Have a great day!

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