Showers and Flowers With Watercoloring

By | 03/14/2018

I’ve been making it a point to do some kind of coloring or inking practice every day.  Today I could not resist playing with the other Simon Says Stamp set from the March Kit called Showers and Flowers.

I just dabbled with my watercoloring and did not actually get cards made.

It was quite a relaxing evening to just stamp and watercolor!

Stamping Imperfection Watercolors

You can see from my work space that it was a productive evening!   I played with my Altenew ink cubes, an aqua pen and a wet-on-wet technique.  Aren’t the images in the stamp set really sweet?

Stamping Imperfection Watercolors

I also used the watercolor resist technique because this is the easiest to “stay in the lines”.  I am trying to practice shading and getting rid of the splotches when I go out of an area I want to color and put too much color in a section.  I’m just practicing techniques.

I’m also trying out a variety of materials.  This is an older package of watercolor paper from Stampin’ Up!  I’ve been using other papers recommended by instructors and there is quite a difference in the paper that you use to watercolor on.

I think part of learning a new technique is that you need to find what works for you and you need to create your own best methods for working with the supplies that you have.  It’s surprising how changing the paper manufacturer or the ink company can actually make a difference.

I have always liked using Stampin’ Up! inks for watercoloring and now I’ve discovered that I LOVE the Altenew and Catherine Pooler inks as well.  I just got a few Distress inks that I have yet to try.  Catherine Pooler inks are my favorite for blending and Altenew is a very close second.  They are both smooth inks that blend beautifully.  I also like them for this technique.

Stamping Imperfection Watercolors

I used my ink cubes on two clear blocks as my palette and then squirted them with water.  The aqua brush was just used to add the ink to the paper, I didn’t actually have water in it.  I used water in a glass jar on my desk.  I like this technique because it is quick and easy to set up and clean up.  Always selling points for a technique!

Plus, I have the supplies on hand already and there is no extra cost.

I have also been dabbling with actual watercolor paints and real brushes…I feel like an artist when I do that.

You can see the Altenew ink cubes that I have.  I love the little cubes for watercoloring in this way.  They are convenient to use and I don’t put too much ink out at one time.Stamping Imperfection Watercolors

I’m not going to fib…I have quite a few colors in the large oval ink pads and I adore the Altenew inks.  I also have Catherine Poolers nice big oval ink pads.  I have been using these two brands almost exclusively for my projects the last few months.  It’s addictive to buy just one new ink pad…you know where it leads.  Before you know it you are uttering these words, “I’m gonna need a bigger craft space and a new storage system for my ink pads.”  It is inevitable.

I’m going to finish these cards tomorrow.

I’m delighted that you stopped by!  Happy crafting and remember to embrace the imperfections!

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