Tomorrow I Clean, But Today It’s Mixed Media

By | 04/18/2020

Yes.  I’ll clean tomorrow.  Today, I’m playing with my new Vicki Boutin mixed media goodies and starting a new art journal.

I started creating an art journal to practice techniques and experiment with different mediums.  It has quickly become something I love doing.  I generally don’t share it with anyone because it’s…well, an experiment process.

The scientist in me just loves to experiment with new ways to use my craft supplies!

Mixed Media Art Journal with Vicki Boutin supplies

I have two small tables pushed together end to end. When the other end got too crowded to work, I moved my craft mat to the other end and kept on going.

Like Vicki says, “Lets do the things!”.

Vicki has been doing a lot of Facebook Lives and YouTube Lives and what a treat it has been.  It’s free mixed media classes by an industry leader.  She’s such a talented artist and designer.  I discovered her a couple years ago on where she has a free scrapbooking with mixed media class.  (Actually, I think there is a new one up now too.)  Her product line is colorful and fun.  Watching her creative process is like being given permission to “try all the things” you’ve always wanted to try.

You can see the page I created today just for the fun of it in the picture above.  I treated myself to a new Echo Park Traveler’s Journal.  Isn’t that floral pattern fabulous?  I also treated myself to all the Vicki Boutin stencils I could find and her new Prism Glaze.  You can see that on the left side of the journal.  The sparkle!!!  It’s amazing!

Here is a better look:

Mixed Media Art Journal with Vicki Boutin supplies

That stamp set is a stamp and die bundle created by Vicki as well, as are the stencils you see.  Isn’t that Prism Glaze fun?  It has a wonderful blue-green color that will be perfect for a mermaid tail.

I love how her stencils all have 3 holes punched so they can easily be stored in a 6 x 8″ Binder.  Her stamp and die bundle comes in a zipper plastic storage sleeve with the 3 hole punches as well.  I love when a designer thinks about how you will be storing their stuff as they design it.  If you make an organizer to go with your craft supplies I will purchase it to protect and store my stuff properly.

Mixed Media Art Journal with Vicki Boutin supplies

I didn’t have to pay extra for the storage here.  I love this packaging.  I’m a practical gal and I love practical things.  Plus…I love this stamp set!  It has coordinating dies in there too.  Sigh…crafter’s heaven.

Something else that I was amazed by was the actual packaging of the stencils, die cuts (yep…bought those too and paper and washi tape…), and the stamps.  The backing is lightweight chipboard and is so beautiful that I will certainly be creating journal or scrapbook pages with it.  It’s Vicki Boutin art so I’ll be doing the thing.

Mixed Media Art Journal with Vicki Boutin supplies

Yes…that is the packaging!  It’s too pretty not to create something with!  I love it.

Mixed Media Art Journal with Vicki Boutin supplies

This is the Prism Glaze container and you can see it dried on my project.  I used one of Vicki’s stencils, which come in a package of 3, and used a palette knife to spread the glaze over the stencil. I cleaned the stencil and spatula immediately because I’m not sure how well that comes off your stencils once it dries.  Best to wash it and clean it immediately.  You can also see the stamped image.  I used Catherine Pooler’s Midnight ink and only needed to stamp it once.  I LOVE giant graphic flowers.

Vicki did a Facebook Live last Wednesday and showed that this glaze can be used in numerous other ways.  She used it in an embossing folder and it made a gorgeous background.  She also spritzed it with water and rolled it with a brayer over a stencil which she had used like a stamp in the watered down glaze.  Guess what the next page of my journal is going to have on it tomorrow!!Mixed Media Art Journal with Vicki Boutin supplies

You can see the second stencil I used with the big script words.  I love this. It is from her new Let’s Wander Collection.

Just so you feel good about your craft table, I’m going to share a picture of the other side of  my craft table:


Mixed Media Art Journal with Vicki Boutin supplies

Yep…that’s a new order from Trinity Stamps with another amazing freebie.  You will also see lots of Catherine Pooler on my desk and more pastes and gels to experiment with.

Before I begin tomorrow…I must clean!  My craft room is super organized, but my table got a little overwhelmed today when I got the new stuff in the mail and I had to do the thing!

By the way, I did use some of Vicki’s art crayons to add the watercolor background with the squish technique or the kiss technique as Vicki calls it.  I also used Broken China and Pine Needles Distress Oxide inks to blend over the second stencil using Vicki Boutin’s stencil brush which is my favorite stencil brush.

Supply List:

Are you interested in the products I used?  To make them easier for you to find, I have linked them below. (Affiliate disclosure ) Your purchases help keep my blog running at no additional cost to you and I thank you for the support!


I included some of Vicki’s other products so you can check them out if you’ve been thinking of getting your scrapbooking supplies or your own art journals back out.  It’s nice to get a few new things to update your stash.  If you are like me, you’ve actually been using a lot of things in your stash over the last several weeks.

I hope you and your family are well and finding the inspiration you need to be creative today.  It really takes your mind off of all the stuff going on.  Be well.

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