When Your Space Leaves You Uninspired!

By | 09/28/2015

When Your Space Leaves You Uninspired!

When your space leaves you uninspired, it’s time for an intervention!

I always start with a good clean up and weeding out.  Then I create some new goodies for my space to help keep me inspired.

Our school has been undergoing a renovation that has been ongoing for the last two years…and it continues as I write this.

The opening of the school year was very exciting this year.  I have a newly renovated classroom with lots of new technology and convenient features for our lab activities.  I still have to share my classroom with two other teachers, but it’s a beautiful space with a ton of storage.

I also have a new “office” space with my very own desk and computer! It’s a little corner of a room that really should be called a closet that I share with two other people, but I have my own corner!   I have room to store books and files, a counter to organize my papers and equipment, and I even have my own coat closet!!!!  That is a first for me!

The three of us have added some touches to the room…we added the necessary things like a coffee maker, a refrigerator and a microwave.  All in all, it feels like our space and we are all excited about it.  Plus, it’s our little exclusive Physics gang!

I wanted to add some of my own touches to my little corner, so I created a couple of quick decorations.

hello_life_kit When your space leaves you uninspired

I put together one of the Hello Life kits and added it to my space.  You can see that I used a variety of stamp sets including the Kinda Eclectic and the Choose Happiness set.  I also added some of my own colors.  The In Color elements are not included in the kit, but they are among my favorite colors, so they needed to go into my space!

hello_life_kit2 When your space leaves you uninspired

Of course I added my own personal touches with pictures of the kids along with my own stamping style to embellish each piece.  I used the basic components of the kits and added a few things, like my own thick baker’s twine and ink colors.

hello_life_kit2 When your space leaves you uninspired

I loved the little pennant touch in the kit, so I just added my own touches and kept that element in the design.  This makes me happy every time I look at it!

I also needed a little bulletin board space.  I found some tacks and some decorative cork board in the clearance rack at a craft store for 60% off.  I couldn’t resist adding those to the space, but I did embellish the tacks with the new Into the Woods wood elements.  I added color to them by pushing into an ink pad and then I just glued it to the top of the tack.

tacks When your space leaves you uninspired

I love this little touch!  I put them all on one cork piece to dry and I love the way they turned out.  So simple.


I think these are perfect embellishments for fall!  I found the new In Color resin flowers work well for this also.

tacks When your space leaves you uninspired

After Thanksgiving, I’ll make a winter version with the snowflake embellishments in the holiday catalog!  These tacks actually look really pretty in a little dish on my desk next to the cork board.

I spend my day between this space and my classroom, so I might as well personalize it and make it a space I find relaxing and that I enjoy spending time in.  I also need to be creative to make lessons that will inspire my students, so I feel the need to have a space that inspires me.

I have a few more projects up my sleeve for this space…hopefully I’ll have a few minutes this weekend to complete them!

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4 thoughts on “When Your Space Leaves You Uninspired!

  1. Anita Cripps

    Kim, I love this cork board and your way of decorating it. What a great idea. We all need a happy place while working. Gets you through the day!

    1. kim Post author

      Thanks Anita! Considering how busy work is these days, I needed to make my space feel like mine! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Francie

    I love how you personalized your space and used the Into the Woods elements for your push pins. I miss your videos.

    1. kim Post author

      Thank you! I’m not done making videos! Work has just been really busy. I made 3 tonight that I hope to post soon.


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