6 Crafty Ways To Get Through Winter

By | 01/12/2019

Last winter was long, cold, and dreary.  It was the first time I ever thought I might be suffering from seasonal affective disorder.  I just found the entire season to be dark and bleak.

Needless to say, when I found Altenew Academy and started taking online crafting classes it perked me right up!  It’s amazing how learning something new and being creative can pull you out of a slump.

If you are feeling that way too, I have some ideas for you!6 crafty winter activities



To prevent that winter slump, I have 6 ideas that will help you focus on something relaxing and meaningful while getting through the winter.

    1. Take an online class in something you are truly interested in.  I’ve taken classes from quite a few different sites and I have been loving it.  I have a few suggestions for my favorite sites that don’t cost a ton and you might leave with some new ideas, some new skills, or just a renewed energy to be creative.    I will post my list of online class sites below.  Here is a link to one of my favorite classes:Altenew Academy
    2. Learn that new technique you’ve been dying to try.  For me, it has been watercoloring with all different mediums and alcohol marker coloring.  I’m loving both of these skills and if you browse back through my blog over the last year, you will see that I have improved in both techniques.  I shared all the project fails and all the successes. Here is a link to a nice Ink Blending Techniques class that you might enjoy:Altenew Academy
    3. Organize your craft space.  If your space is completely overwhelming, start in one corner or with one shelf or one cabinet.  Just start.  Once you start it will feel so good that you will keep going.  I’m not saying to gut your craft space and completely overhaul it…unless that is one of your 2019 goals.  I’m saying to chose one cabinet and organize it.  Get a box for stuff you know you will never use that can be donated, a garbage bag to toss stuff you know you should have tossed 5 years ago, and round up those empty bins and baskets from the rest of your house to get the stuff in the one cabinet or on that one shelf and start sorting stuff into them.  Then put that stuff where it belongs or make a place for it to belong.  You don’t need matching labeled baskets, you just need to know what you have and where it is so you can be creative. Get inspired by checking out the crafted spaces at Stamp-n-Storage.

             4. Teach a class.  There are so many places that you could go to teach a card or scrapbook class: senior centers, youth centers, scout troops, church              groups, your friends, libraries, online…you could even go to your local craft store and see if you can sign up to be an instructor for pay.  My sister         actually taught craft classes at Michael’s for a bit.  If you want to try, but are afraid to go it alone, ask a friend to do that with you.  Teach a class online.  Here is a link for how you can become a Udemy instructor:


       5. Create a crafty group of people and invite them to your house for an afternoon of crafting.  They can bring their own projects and a snack to share.  You provide the space and beverages.  Suggest that you all get together in a couple of weeks to do more crafting and before you know it, you’ve got your crafty gang days one a month or once every other week.  You’ve also created a new group of friends.  (This will be my plan as soon as I retire.  I’m going to invite 5 people that I know who don’t know each other and suggest they bring a friend.  I will instantly have 10 new friends and so will they!  Plus, I have a craft stash that will serve me well in retirement.  And it is very organized.  Just sayin’!scrapbook classes

6. Start a Canvo Journal.  Honestly, starting a new project that can also help keep you organized is like combining peanut butter and chocolate.  It just works.  You can get as creative as you want with this or keep it simple.  It’s sort of addicting and pretty fun.  There are a ton of Facebook groups that you can join for bullet journaling too.  It adds a level of fun and inspiration when you join a community of potentially new crafty friends.Catherine Pooler Designs

Here is my list of online craft classes that I’ve tried and had good experiences with:

  1. Altenew Academy:  They have a free class starting on January 21.  The rest of the classes range in price from free to $8.95.  They are amazing. The variety of classes ranges from die cutting, stamp layering, watercoloring…the list goes on.
  2. Scrapbook.com:  They have a TON of free classes in a variety of crafty topics. They even have a craft organizing class!
  3. Onlinecardclasses.com:  They also have a nice selection to get card ideas and technique tutorials.
  4. Brit & Co:  I’ve tried the lettering classes and a drawing class which was ridiculously fun.
  5. Udemy:  I’ve taken several watercolor classes, lettering classes and I’m about to start a photography class to learn how to use that new camera I got.
  6. Mycreativescoop.com: These are specific to Copic Coloring.  She has lots of free printables and information and a free class.
  7. Kitandclowder.com: These are also Copic Coloring classes as well as colored pencil coloring. She has a free class full of excellent beginner information.

Thank you for stopping by!  I would love to know if you have taken online craft classes that you enjoyed at other sites.  Leave a comment below with the crafty activities that you use to get through the winter!


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