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Quick Tip: Marker Organization To Make Clean Up Easy + Video

Have you ever spent the day immersed in your creative projects only to realize that you had tools and papers everywhere? You know the feeling you get when you realize you’ve had a great day, but you really should tidy up before you call it quits. But WOW!  Cleaning up is going to take an hour. You know… Read More »

30 Day Craft Room Clean Up: Day 5 PAPER!

When asked what my greatest organizing challenge is whether it is household organizing or craft room organizing, my answer is always the same.  PAPER! My nemesis! By nature I pile things when I get busy or don’t feel like dealing with something and that something is almost always paper.  (Although clean laundry would be a close second.) I’ve… Read More »

30 Day Organizing Challenge: Marker, Ink Pad, And Embossing Powder Storage

  I have a product review for you today using the Totally Tiffany XL Pen and Ink Palace.  I made the video almost a month ago and I have had this on my craft table and I absolutely love it.  I have all of my Altenew Alcohol Artist Markers, my marker paper pads, my Memento ink pad, my… Read More »

Kim’s 30 Day Craft Room Clean Up Day 3: Mini Ink Pads

When I said I was doing a 30 Day Craft Room Clean Up, I hope you realize that I am not doing 30 consecutive days.  Mostly because it is the end of the school year and it has been very hectic.  I don’t really have a good excuse! Once you start cleaning up and working on fine-tuning your… Read More »

Craft Room Organization: Journaling Supplies and Stamp Storage Supplies

I’m excited to share my latest craft organization find.  I’m so happy with my Totally Tiffany Companion Cart that I want to get at least one more! Full disclosure:  I joined the Totally Tiffany Blogging Troup and Tiffany graciously offered each of us the opportunity to select one item from her shop at any price point.  I selected… Read More »

Totally Tiffany Die, Stamp, & Supply Organizer For My Everyday Craft Tools

It’s no secret that my craft room is the home to all the unloved furniture, thrift store finds, dollar store deals, and yard sale goodies that I’ve collected over the years. While I don’t have one of those beautiful professionally designed and constructed craft rooms that we all drool over on Pinterest and the organizing Facebook groups we… Read More »