Advanced Die Cutting: Stamp And Die Cut Background

By | 01/29/2018

The next time that I try this technique, I will be sure to do it on a Saturday when I have nothing else to do!  This was super time consuming.


I stamped the background using Altenew’s Floral Arrangement stamp set.  If you have never used an Altenew set, you must give it a try!  Most of the images are 3-4 layers.  You add darker colors as you use the smaller part of the image, building what looks like a carefully colored image along the way.

The end result is a truly beautiful image.

I have not yet quite mastered the layering.  I never get them quite lined up and perfection matters with these images.

I do embrace the imperfections and it still ends up so pretty, if not quite perfectly aligned!

Stamping Imperfection Advanced Die Cutting


Another 2 for 1 technique!  Gotta love it!

I die cut the giant numbers that I laid out in random order and directions.  Then I matted the numbers to one card and the cut out part on another card.

The sentiment comes from the Altenew Birthday Builder set.  One of my favorite sets!

I think this is a visually stunning technique with all of the bright colors against the white background.  So pretty.  This is in my LOVE technique bag of tricks!

Well…quite frankly, I’m exhausted.  I’ve been up since a little before 5 AM and it is now past 10 PM.  Time to call it a day!

Thank you so much for stopping by!  Do find time to craft and embrace the imperfections!

2 thoughts on “Advanced Die Cutting: Stamp And Die Cut Background

  1. Anita

    Kim I love the look of these cards. So much work though.
    I read somewhere that a good way to line up two step stamps ( or 3-4 step) is to use a stamp positioning tool such as the Misti. Not sure if you use such a tool. I see that Stampin up is taking orders for their new one. I have a mini Misti and really love it.

    1. kim Post author

      I love my Misti also! It does make these much easier to layer. It is not a quick process though. It’s just that the multi-step stamps are so beautiful when you get them done. I’m assuming with a lot of practice it gets easier and I do find the practicing so relaxing! I’m sleeping great with all the time I’m spending unwinding in my craft studio!! I hope all is well! Thank you for stopping by!


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