Another Day Of Organizing In The Craft Room

By | 02/17/2018

After a flurry of two weeks of focusing on trying new techniques and making cards, it was time to get back to work unpacking and organizing.

I’ve made so much progress since installing my sticky tile floor over Thanksgiving.  I’m so happy that I added the sticky tiles to the concrete floor.  It just feels cleaner and finished.  I know a lot of people are adding wood floors to their craft room, but I just couldn’t justify the time and expense that would involve.  Ideally, I would have repainted the room and put a really nice floor in place.  Realistically, I just want my craft room done and organized so I can find my tools.

If I were just a paper crafter, I would be done by now!  I love crafts of all kinds, with the exception of tatting.  I just never got the hang of that.  I’m a lefty and for whatever reason, I just never mastered that craft.

I have a good sized room in the basement and all the left over furniture pieces that my husband insisted we keep and move.  My furniture is all different colors and wood finishes.  I’ve embraced the imperfections!

I will not have one of those beautifully designed craft rooms with matching cabinets and high end materials.

At the end of the day, I want my room to be comfortable and functional.

I have a sewing corner that stores all my sewing supplies and it has a nice space to actually sew!Stamping Imperfection Craft Room Organization

I actually have shelve above my machine on the wall.  I have my fabrics and sewing doodads on those shelves.  I finally got a lamp set up and things hung on the wall today.  I can sit down and sew any time I want!


I also have my cutting station set up.  I like to have a separate counter to hold my Big Shot and Cricut.  I keep everything related to those devices along with my laminator and other related devices there.  Stamping Imperfection Craft Room Organization

I have a ton of storage in this area.  I have two shelves on the wall above it and then I have 2 stamp shelves turned sideways on the wall holding my favorite retired Stampin’ Up! stamp sets.  I still use those and I still love them.  I love those stamp shelves.

Below the counter, I have a blue cart with 2 drawers and 4 cubbies.  Those drawers hold every single thing I need for my big shot.  All the cutting plates, mats, die brushes.  You name it, it is in those drawers.  The cubbies hold extra magnet cards and seasonal dies and embossing folders.  I also have Cricut supplies there as well.

Stamping Imperfection Craft Room Organization

This may look like a hot mess to born organized people or to those who like everything to match (that’s you Lori!), but I promise you I love how it functions.  I can find every single supply that I have.  I know exactly what I have and where it is stored.  My cabinets are tidy and organized and I don’t have a bunch of stuff that I don’t use.

This area also functions really well for me.  Everything is within reach and it is easy to clean up when I go on one of my creative frenzies!

Stamping Imperfection Craft Room Organization

One of the projects that I’ve been spending quite a bit of time taking care of is the pile of retired stamp sets.  I find it challenging that new catalog comes out every 3 or 4 months and a bunch of stamp sets and supplies retire.  I’m usually not done creating with them!  I’ve been a demonstrator for over 5 years now and retired stuff builds up!

Since I have also been trying out stamps and tools from other companies, I realize that I had to find a way to store the stamp sets that I was getting from them.  They don’t come in nice cases.  I watched a couple of videos on YouTube to see how other people were storing their supplies and it seemed like several people were using these clear stamp pockets from Avery Elle and MFT.  I purchased a supply of them in two sizes, along with some of the clear refrigerator bins and spent a couple of weekend days binge watching things on Netflix and organizing my retired stamp sets.  I took 4 shelves of stamps down to 1 -1/2 shelves. I still have to organize them into categories, but I love how tidy this is and how well this system is working.

I use this system for my new stamps from other companies and it is amazing!  It’s functional and I can find everything I’m looking for.

I’ve also started using this system for my die and embossing folder storage.  I’ve actually started storing the coordinating stamps and dies together in one of these plastic sleeves.  I LOVE this system.  It’s easy to maintain and easy to clean up when I’m done with a set.

I feel much more organized and It looks tidy.  Plus, I was able to use some of the retired In Colors card stock that was just taking up space on my shelf.  Once something retires, I feel like I can’t use it on my blog projects because people can’t purchase it.  Nobody wants to see a project that they can’t get the supplies for.  I use the stuff for my personal projects.  These are just to nice to get rid of and they are too nice not to keep using.

I have a week off from work and I’m looking forward to getting the last of those boxes in the unfinished part of the basement unpacked and put away.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!

If I just do 3 or 4 boxes a day, I can get it done painlessly!  (I will keep telling myself that and it will be done before I know it.)

Then I can finish my home improvement projects…add air conditioning, a laundry tub in the basement, a new roof, fix the front sidewalk and driveway, paint the kitchen cabinets, and fill in between those slate tiles around that very old pool in back.  I think that is really the end of my list.  I won’t even tell you all of the projects that I’ve already completed in the last year.  It will make your head spin.  That’s what happens when you downsize to a real fixer upper!

It has been fun making this house our own.  I’m really enjoying that I have a big craft space even if it is in the basement.  I can’t tell you how much fun I’m having alternating between really organizing it and then really taking time to create and take advantage of the space!

Thank you so much for stopping by today!  Enjoy your crafting space, even if it is the corner of a bedroom or the kitchen table.  I know that when I started, my space was the corner of a bedroom in my house.  It’s amazing how buying just one stamp can lead to an entire craft room of goodies!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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