Craft Room Organization: Sequins

By | 03/24/2018

I’ve been keeping my sequins in the packages that they come in when I purchase them.  Most of them come in zip type bags and that has been pretty convenient.

Well, mostly.  Now that my collection is growing I find that I need a new system.  I remember some storage pieces that I had purchased for my daughters bead collection when she was younger.  She liked creating little jewelry gifts for people and had a collection of beads the she needed to keep organized.  The little plastic containers came in a strip and they locked shut to keep everything secure if you dropped it or knocked it over.  They were also easy to open and they weren’t very expensive.

I managed to find the beading supplies and the name of the containers.  I purchased some for my sequins and they work beautifully!

Stamping Imperfection Organizing Sequins

At the time that I purchased these for my daughter, they came in a set of 3 with a little pink and purple case.  They still make that version and I can highly recommend it.  That is at least 10 years older or more.

I purchased the 3XL size that has 7 good sized compartments that worked well for the larger packages of sequins that I got from Neat & Tangled.  I actually used a purple sharpie to write on the lid of each compartment what company it was from, what size and what mix or type of sequin or drop it was.

You can see my old system of dollar store bins holding the bags.  That worked fine, but I’ve knocked it off the shelf a few times and a lot of digging through the mess.

Now I have a nicely labeled view of what I have and can find it easily.

You can check out this product on Amazon…this is an affiliate link and you can see my affiliate disclosure HERE.


It seems like I’m finding new ways to keep my workspace organized each day!  I’ve rearranged things and the room is just functioning so well.  I’m so happy when I’m in here.  I can find all my supplies when I need them and they all have a home to return to when I’m done.

I spend at least one day each week tidying up and keeping it organized.  It feels better to walk into a tidy room that is ready for you to sit down and work in that walking in to a mess with no space to be creative.

Plus, craft supplies are pricey.  If we are purchasing them, we want to be able to find them to use on our projects.  Keeping our spaces organized is essential!  I’m actually finding that just spending time in my craft room even just organizing or tidying it up is as relaxing as creating is some days.  I always feel better when I leave a clean craft room.

Speak of which…I need to tidy up my craft table so it is ready for tomorrow!

Happy crafting and organizing!  I hope you found today’s tip helpful!

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