Finally! Ribbon Organization That Works!

By | 06/05/2013

I found a ribbon organization system that works for me! Finally! I bought some very inexpensive wooden crates and the ribbon sits perfectly between the slats! I can easily add another layer to this system as well. I will be painting this white to match my desk  now that I’ve tested it out and realized that it’s working!
ribbon_organizationAs you can see, the ribbon sits upright so that I can see what I have.  It’s also not attached to a rod going through the hole of the ribbon holder, so I can easily take it off the shelf and use it.  It’s also easy to clean up and put my ribbon away.  I have this sitting on top of my stamp storage shelf that sits right on my desk within easy reach!

I’ve said it many times:  I’m one of those people that forgets that I have something if it is stored in a drawer!  I like all of my tools, stamp sets and embellishments sitting right in front of my face.  The only things that I keep in drawers are my papers, extra embellishments and extra adhesives.  All of my other tools sit where I can see them and reach them from my chair.  I use all of my stuff because it’s right there!

This system is also easily expandable.  I can go to the hardware store and get another crate to sit on top of this!!!!  I will be doing that this weekend because my next Stampin’ Up! order is going to be all ribbon!  I just couldn’t resist the ruffled ribbon.  Plus, who can pick just one color?  I just don’t have that much self control when I’m placing a Stampin’ Up! order!

You’ll notice the little blue container.  This is holding my cardboard spools of baker’s twine. washi tape and linen thread.  I’m finding this system to be inexpensive and easy to use!  I really love having my ribbon out in front of me instead of tucked in a drawer. I’ll be painting it this weekend a nice fresh white color since my desk and drawers are all white.

I know that it’s not a fancy expensive matching system, but it’s working for me!  My craft room is a tiny space and very functional.  I love looking at pictures of the beautiful craft rooms that people have that are always perfectly organized.  You can tell that they had someone come in and design the perfect crafting space.  When I retire and design my dream home…I’ll get all the matching cabinets and beautiful counter top for my craft room.   Then…on the other side of the room, I’ll put this craft table, my drawers, my thrift store and dollar store shelves and my inexpensive wooden crates storing my ribbon.  That’s where I’ll be able to see what I have and reach all my stuff.

Having a beautiful matching craft room is on my list of things to do…someday.   For now, why change what’s working?!

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6 thoughts on “Finally! Ribbon Organization That Works!

  1. Heidi

    Perfect!! Thanks for sharing! I have also been looking for something that will work without spending alot of money and I hate those rods thru the center… What hardware store did you find these with the center divider? I haven’t seen them like that? Thanks again for sharing your idea… Gonna get me some!! 🙂

    1. kim Post author

      Heidi…this is actually 2 crates stacked on top of each other. The are 6 x 14″ crates that I think are supposed to hold CDs. I got them at Michaels or Ace hardware I think. They were really inexpensive and I can easily add another one on top! Love it!

      1. Heidi

        Thanks Kim… now that I look closer I can see that it is 2… Duh!! Great idea!! I’m going this weekend to pick some up!!

        1. kim Post author

          Funny! I know…it seems so simple! I wish I’d tried this sooner!

  2. Anita CRIPPS

    What a great idea. I agree that if it is not in my face I will not remember that I have it.


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