Hedgehog Hollow Tool Chest

By | 04/30/2018

Last month, I got my first Hedgehog Hollow craft kit.  Included in the box was an offer for a tool chest filled with tools from Tonic and Nuvo.  I see these tools all the time, but I only actually owned one of the items on the list.  I decided to order it and add some new tools to my collection.

The box was sitting on my doorstep waiting for me today!  It was like an angel had descended after a very long day of work!  I’m too exhausted to be creative, so I will share the contents of the tool chest with you!

Stamping Imperfection Tonic Tool Box

OH, WOW!!!


One of my favorite tools is my paper piercer and it gets used for everything but paper piercing.  I love that tool, but I did purchase the Tonic piercer because it is retractable and that just seem like less of an accident waiting to happen every single time I reach for a tool from my cup.  I love that it is retractable and I don’t have to keep in in a case so I don’t stab myself.

There are 3 different kinds of glues here, 3 brushes for all my blending and coloring techniques, some water brushes for my watercoloring…you know I’ll use these tools.  Two of my new favorite techniques are ink blending and watercoloring!  Plus there are 2 Nuvo Spritzer bottles and those will be used for those very same techniques.Stamping Imperfection Tonic Tool Box

There are 5 Tonic Tools and two pairs of scissors of different sizes.  I did not have a craft knife, so I’m happy to have one of those.  The distresser and the craft scratcher look interesting as well.

There is also a Nuvo Craft Spoon.  Hmmm…I’m not even sure what I’ll use that for!

I’m excited to try some of the Nuvo items.  I don’t have a lot of Nuvo tools and supplies, so this will allow me to experiment with things I haven’t used before.Stamping Imperfection Tonic Tool Box

I love the brushes.  How perfect will those double ended brushes be for stencils and blending?  The large wide brush is called a Surface Sweep and it is to clear away glitter and powders to keep your project and work space tidy.  I actually think it can also be used to give some interesting stippling effects with watercolors as well.

All in all, I was super excited about getting the box and very happy with the contents.  When you purchase something like this, there is always the worry that you will duplicate what you already have.  That was not a problem for me.  These are new tools to try and test out.

I’ll let you know what I think of these!  I know it was a good deal and it was a specialty Hedgehog Hollow craft kit tool chest.  The tools were personally selected by Alexandra to coordinate with her monthly kits.  They are the tools she uses as her go to tools for crafting.  You can expect to see me use them in future videos as well.

Thank you for stopping by today!  Happy crafting!



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