Simply Watercoloring Florals

By | 07/20/2018

I have another one of my homework assignments to share with you from my latest watercoloring class.  This is the class where I expected to be stamping images and watercoloring them in, but instead we are sketching or just watercoloring freehand.

Today I was playing with floral images and I’ve only attempted one of the 4 types that she shared with us today.  This was fun and she recommended we just get a giant piece of paper and practice.

I’m going to need more practice!

But again…this is really relaxing.  You can get lost in playing with this technique and with trying to create different leaves and flowers.

Here are my attempts…I will be sharing them in the order that I like them from best to not that much.

Stamping Imperfection Watercoloring Florals

I apologize for my lighting…I had 3 Ott lights going and I really caught a shadow here and couldn’t edit it out.  I should have taken another photo, but the evening is turning into night.

I liked this one.  I used Canson XL watercolor paper and Arteza paints and a round #4 brush.

Stamping Imperfection Watercoloring Florals

I actually really liked the flower on this one, but I grabbed the wrong marker for the sentiment.  It’s too thick.  Overall…I liked this one too.

Stamping Imperfection Watercoloring Florals

Actually, I liked this one too.  Again, the sentiment is a little wonky.  I actually have okay handwriting for a lefty, but I’m not sure what happened here.  Isn’t that teal blue a pretty flower color?

Stamping Imperfection Watercoloring Florals

This one is okay.  I will confess that the flower got away from me a little here.  It really is hard to stop and that is the key with watercoloring…stopping at the right time.

Here are the ones that did not make the cut:

Stamping Imperfection Watercoloring Florals

You can see why these were on the nada pile.

This is one of those techniques that I think if you practice and get good at them and you can create a variety of different florals and colors, you could create some really wonderful boutique cards and sell them.

Just a thought!  You know you have a gigantic stash of craft supplies that you are just sitting on.  Why not practice some new techniques and make some things to sell or donate?  I know that it takes a huge amount of bravery to actually put yourself out there and sell the stuff you make, but if you just made enough to pay for replenishing your stash it would be really satisfying.

I’m going to keep practicing!  You just never know!

Thank you for stopping by today.  I hope you find time to craft and remember to embrace the imperfections!

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