Watercolor Classes Day 1

By | 07/17/2018

I’m taking a watercoloring class this week.  I’ve taken several classes that teach various watercoloring techniques to use with my stamps and stash.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that we would not be using stamps…NOPE!  We are sketching stuff out.  YEP!

I am bravely sharing my homework.

Be kind.  Remember that this is my first time trying watercoloring freehand.  It was a tad frightening.  The good thing about watercoloring is that you have less control over the end product.  You could do the same thing on two cards and you end up with completely different effects.  The water does all the work of mixing the colors.

I actually really love watercoloring.  I find it really relaxing and I really LOVE experimenting with the different techniques.

My day 1 assignment is also using this week’s Paper Craft Crew Challenge which is a color challenge!  How nicely did that work out?  I chose to use Red, Blue and Yellow from the choices that I had.  The paints of course mix to give me some orange, green and purple.  I decided this was okay for the challenge since I started with the 3 colors from the challenge.

Here is my card:

Stamping Imperfection Simply Watercoloring

This is only 1 of my assignments for the first day.  I didn’t get to the other ones yet.  I want to try all the techniques.  The  more I practice, the better I will become.

This challenge was to draw 3 different sized circles and then do a wet on wet technique to drop in some watercolors and let them mix.

I used pretty inexpensive supplies.  This is Canson XL Watercolor paper and Arteza paints with  #2 and #4 round brushes.

My husband says I nailed it. (I wonder what he wants.)

The sentiment is handwritten with a black Copic Multiliner 0.3.  I love these markers for journaling and drawing doodles.

Here is this week’s Paper Craft Crew Challenge:


I actually do like the way the card turned out, although I will confess that my first attempt was not very pretty.  I did a much better job of controlling the circle shapes on this one and keeping them uniform.  I think it will take some practice to figure out the amount of water it takes to give enough to allow the colors to mix, but not so much that it makes a mess.

This is one of those things that you can put on some movie or music and just relax and play.  It is also a technique that you probably already have the supplies for.  My instructor actually used Crayola watercolors…you know the ones that you buy your kids for school or to play with at home?

I do find that I am going through a lot of paper as I practice.  I’m trying to refine my technique and find my own style as I do these techniques.  You have to figure out what works for you!

Thank you for stopping by…you will actually notice that day 2 will post before day 1 since the Paper Craft Crew stuff doesn’t go live until Wednesday morning and I want to share some other homework assignments with you!


Happy crafting!

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