E Is For Effort

By | 07/21/2018

I’m giving myself and E for Effort with my watercoloring today.  I need a P for more Practice as well!

I played around with some more florals after watching a lesson taught by Debbie Hughes who is a master watercolorist.  Wow!

All of the class instructors make it look so easy and each one will tell you that it just takes practice and experimenting with the paints, brushes, water and papers.

Here are my efforts for today:

Stamping Imperfection Watercolor Efforts

I’m finding it challenging to keep the scale of the flowers and leaves consistent in my projects.

I also have to be more patient.  I have to let something dry before trying to add another color that I want to use as a shadow.

It’s just so hard to be patient!!

My flowers improved as the afternoon wore on.  The piece to the right is the last floral I did before giving up on trying to do pots of flowers and then just making the purple one.  I actually am happy with that one.  I did like my first clay pot the best because I added the shadow on the second one before it was all dry and the darker color just got sucked in all directions.

I’m going to have to sleep on the landscape and see how I feel about it tomorrow.  I’m also going to not be so cheap and keep using the same tape over and over.  When I want crisp edges, I will use new tape.  When it doesn’t matter as much, I can be cheap and reuse the tape.

I actually have a large piece that I just practiced my leaves on.  I used to do painting with oils and acrylics and they just blend so easily.  They are more predictable than the waters.  I used an angle flat brush for my leaves back in those days.  Maybe I will try one of those brushes tomorrow and see if it makes a difference or if I’m just really out of practice.  That was before the kids were born!

I actually painted their bedrooms with scenes.  My sons room was like a giant aquarium. I painted all kinds of sea creatures around the room.  My daughter’s room was a garden with a giant tree and birdhouses and a birdbath.  She helped me paint some of the flowers.  That was a pretty fun day!  I think she was 7 at the time.  My son left his room that way until we moved out of the house.  I saw him taking pictures of the walls before my husband went in to paint the room to put the house up for sale.  I was touched by that.  He was 23 at that time!

My daughter painted over hers when she got to high school!  Bam! Out went the pretty garden walls!!!  No pictures, just slapped on the paint!

Anyway…you bet I will be practicing my watercoloring again tomorrow.  I’m also practicing my alcohol marker techniques every day too.  I figure that I have to improve if I just keep working at it a little each day.

Too bad I don’t have the same attitude about losing weight.  A little work each day would get me to my goal..sigh!

I’m so happy that you stopped by. Don’t be afraid to leave comments and let me know what you think and please feel free to leave advice on watercoloring. (Not the weight thing…I do not want anyone giving me another diet.  I simply need to get my backside back on my Nordic Track every day.)

Well, my husband and I are going to enjoy a chimnea fire and some quality time together enjoying our deck and some pleasant conversation.

Have a wonderful day!

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