Two Days Full Of Fun Surprises

By | 12/22/2018

I spent the weekend and the first 3 days of the week with the flu and finally dragged myself back to work on Thursday.  I hate missing work.  There are 125 kids depending on me every single day.  I never want to let them down. While I still did not feel well physically, it was an emotional high going back.  My kids missed me!  Even when I’m really sick, I make sure I have really important work that they can do when I’m not there.  Time marches on and I always want my kids to know that their time is important and it should be filled with meaningful activities and lessons.  Still, it’s physics and it is a touch subject matter to master without some guidance.  That’s me.  I’m the guide on the side.  They were excited that I was back and happy to have me there if only to clarify concepts and keep them on the right track. They said so!

It really feels good to be needed!  The most wonderful part of teaching is that feeling you get when you know that your kids are glad you are there because you are making a difference.

When I got home from work, I got Happy Mail from Altenew!!!Stamping Imperfection Altenew Gift

I know!  They sent me an exclusive free stamp set as a token of their appreciation for supporting them last year.  What a wonderful gift to say thank you for being a customer!  This is not the first time they have sent me a free stamp set as a gift.  They sent their customers a free personalized stamp set earlier this year as a thank you to celebrate their 4th anniversary.  How amazing is that?!  Altenew is one of my favorite companies for so many reasons.  Not only do they make fabulous products and have amazing customer service, they send me free stuff and surprise me with it!  That thank you card has all kinds of coupon codes that I will be using during the rest of December and in January for more Altenew goodies!

Thank you Altenew and have a very Happy Holiday season!

That was Thursday!

On Friday morning my department was having an Ugly (sweater) event.  All my Christmas sweaters are in a box in the attic so I dressed in red and green so at least I was festive.  We met to take a department picture and they presented me with a huge surprise!  I was nominated by my colleagues and administration for the highest award a teacher can receive: The Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching.  I was so humbled by this, I can’t even tell you.  (It was so hard not to start crying!)  The nomination letter is being framed and I will hang it in a place of honor where I will see it all the time.  It will make me happy to look at.  (I am a realist.  I know that this is just a nomination, but it came from the people I have been working with for the last 30 years of my life.  That is meaningful to me. Especially at this point in my career.  I’m at that point where I’m looking back over my shoulder at what I have and have not accomplished over a lifetime career.  It’s almost time for me to step aside and make room for a younger teacher to come in and take over and make their career happen.)

When I got home from my day, I found a wonderful handmade card from my Aunt Terry.  Terry Christmas

I stopped in to visit Aunt Terry and Uncle Kev on my trip home for Thanksgiving with my mother and my daughter.  It was so nice to visit and take a tour of their new place.  As you can see, I am a crafter from a family of crafters!  I got a chance to see Terry’s craft room.  I don’t know how she finds the time to craft because she has a bunch of grandchildren she takes care of every day.  I know they must keep her really busy.Terry Christmas

This view shows the paper Terry used on this card.  It is so pretty.  It reminds me of the sparkly paper that I got in last month’s My Monthly Hero.  It’s glimmer paper without the feel of glitter.  It has a very smooth texture, but tremendous sparkle when you move it around in the light.Terry Christmas

This view shows the dimension on the card.  I always love that detail because you don’t get that with a card you buy in the store very often.  You can also see the fabulous stitched detail around the circle die cut.  I’m loving that lately because it gives you a nice finished border around your shaped dies that just adds a special touch.  I’m pretty sure that dear die cut is a Stampin’ Up! die cut.

I also love the tone-on-tone element for the holiday season.  I think that monochromatic cards are my favorite cards.  I’m not sure why, but I find the simplicity of color to be stunning.

I love this card Aunt Terry!  I have to say that one of the things I’m looking forward to when I retire from teaching (approximately 18 months from now!) is that I am hoping to spend some time crafting with Terry.  We will be living much closer to each other a few months of the year and I’m really looking forward to our future get togethers in a warmer climate.  (That is on my “Oh I Can’t Wait For That” list!)

All in all, a good two days!

My daughter is home visiting from grad school for a couple of weeks and she’s sitting on the couch knitting.  She spent here Thanksgiving break at my mother’s house knitting as well.  I did say that I come from a family of crafters.  My grandmothers both sewed and crocheted.  My mother is a quilter and a knitter.  Several of my aunts do cross stitching and other crafty things as well.  My dad was a wood worker and made a lot of fun things on his lathe.  I had one grandfather who was a painter and made wonderful paintings for all of us and the other grandfather was an amateur gemologist and made pretty jewelry.  (Uncle Kev did that too and I still wear the opal necklace he made me as a teenager.)  It runs in the family!

Thank you so much for stopping by and letting me indulge you with my two fun days.  I have some Christmas tags to share with you in my next post later today!

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